Who are the Foundation Stones for?

(This post follows The Foundation Stones Project in the FS Main Thread.)

Here on this public website, everyone is, of course, welcome. Nevertheless the Foundation Stones material is being developed with a specific audience in mind. Do any of these descriptions fit you?

  • Do you feel that something momentous is happening now in human history and do you sense that there are positive opportunities for humanity as well as dangers?
  • Do you feel a desire, an inner calling, to play a constructive part in this profound historical process?
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding about our times and your possible role in them?

If you do, know that we are creating the Foundation Stones for you.

We hope that, as they develop, the Foundation Stones will offer you three things:

  • an empowering understanding of the big picture of our place in history;
  • the identification of high-leverage ways for you to engage with the process; and
  • tools, techniques and ideas that can help you be a more effective and skillful participant in the process.

If this appeals to you, chances are good that, from an innovation diffusion perspective, you are a change agent or an early adopter relative to these issues — just the people we are doing this for.

If this all feels like it fits you, please look at the material already available as part of the Foundation Stones’ Main Thread and make sure you stay connected. We have a lot of new material coming.

(The next piece in the FS Main Thread is Five Working Hypotheses.)