Stay Connected

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with Context Institute’s activities (including this website) there are many ways to do so:

  • CI News, our email newsletter
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • RSS

This page describes each of these options and provides support should problems arise.

CI News

We describe our email newsletter, CI News, as “updates and the inside story.” It is intended for people who have an ongoing interest in Context Institute and its work. The content varies quite a bit from issue to issue but the unifying theme is connection and relationship. It — rather than blog posts — is where we talk about plans, share how things have been going and seek your input.

Sometimes we include a quick guide to recent additions to the website, but we use Facebook, Twitter and RSS for more immediate announcements of new additions.

Starting in January 2014, we plan to get an issue out at least once a month, with perhaps a few more as the need arises or we feel so moved.

If you haven’t yet subscribed, please use the form at the right to do so.  It is the best overall way to stay connected and we recommend you subscribe even if you also connect through Facebook, Twitter or RSS.

If you are already signed up but never got your confirmation email or have other email problems, please go to Making Sure Your Email Gets Delivered.

If you are signed up and would like to change your email address or name, please open your most recent email from CI News, scroll to the bottom, and click Update Your Preferences.

Facebook and Twitter

We are using these two primarily for announcements of such things as new additions to the website and upcoming events. You’ll get the news sooner through them than through CI News but you won’t get the other features that CI News provides. Signing up for CI News and either Facebook or Twitter gives you the best of both

If you use Facebook, please like Context Institute’s Facebook page either by using the Facebook button in the right sidebar or going right to the CI page.

If you use Twitter, please follow us either by using the Twitter button in the right sidebar or going right to the CI account.


If you use RSS, you can get the RSS feed for new posts by using the RSS button in the right sidebar.