What Time Is It?

This is the home page for Foundation Stone 1: “What Time Is It?” We are just at the beginning of the Foundation Stones project and expect this section to grow substantially in the coming months.


  • Issue addressed: Where are we (humanity) in the flow of history?
  • Core concept: We are in the midst (going back a few hundred years and likely continuing at least through the 21st century) of a cultural transition as deep as the shift out of hunting and gathering and into agriculture and cities that took place five to ten thousand years ago. We are moving from the Empire Era to the Planetary Era.
  • Rests on the ground of: History, future studies, anthropology, archeology, global modeling, global trend analysis.
  • Supports: Understanding current events in a bigger context and seeing the leverage points for constructive change.

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The Core Challenge Of Our Times
The Dynamic Planetary Context

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