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We often hear from friends and colleagues, as they’re considering taking the Bright Future Now course, that it’s important to talk with one or two people who’ve taken the course and are now in the Bright Future Network. If that sounds like you, we want to help!

The network members listed further down on this page have volunteered to answer your questions and curiosities about the course and the network. We know from experience that what makes BFNow and BFNet special can be hard to fully “get” just by reading about them.

A conversation (preferably via video call) is a great way to find out if the course will really be a good fit for you. In additions to English, we can arrange conversations in Spanish and Dutch – and likely other languages as well – so just ask.

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Talk With A Network Member

These volunteers are a small sampling of the over 200 members in 23 countries on 6 continents in the Bright Future Network.

Mindy C. Jones  ♦  Washington, D.C.

What I’m Doing in the World
I partner with nonprofits and businesses to reach constituents or customers online. I’m particularly interested in projects that honor the entire lifespan and elevate our view of aging and age diversity.

How BFN Has Helped

For me, the benefits of BFN can be distilled down to this: I’m more comfortable and more free than I was before I took the course. I’m more useful to myself and to others. I have a greater command of perspective and context, feel more secure and grounded, and am more patient, courageous, and resilient.


Mitra Martin  ♦  Los Angeles, California

What I’m Doing in the World
I’m developing a network of researchers, educators, and community-builders who care about cultivating high quality, in-person, peer-to-peer learning in found spaces. I integrate body-centric folk traditions, especially my area of expertise Argentine Tango, into whole-system transformation.

How BFN Has Helped

For years I felt alone in my commitment to systemic change and action-learning, with a lack of context and collaborative partners. Bright Future Network has built the conceptual and interpersonal bridges that help me become more effective in complex initiatives, and given me many reasons to feel optimistic about our times.


Santhan Naidoo  ♦  South Africa

What I’m Doing in the World
Drawing on my experience as a tech entrepreneur, I’m building a platform for creating networks of intentional communities called CommuniTrees and a regenerative economy called TreeBellion where currency is generated as a reward for planting trees.

How BFN Has Helped

The BFN course was a valuable download of knowledge that is essential to the metamorphosis of my role from visionary to project manager. The BFN Network is a diverse ecosystem that supports my role in many meaningful ways, and I symbiotically get to share my experience with the network.


Bill Veltrop  ♦  Soquel, California

What I’m Doing in the World
After many decades as an organization and leadership development practitioner, I’m committed to supporting the metamorphosis of human systems (cities, organizations) in ways that multiply their lasting contribution to their diverse stakeholders. I see pragmatic ways we can support their action-learning journey to becoming conscious, caring, self-evolving living systems.

How BFN Has Helped

I am delighted with and excited by the potential of BFN to provide the playing field and attract the ‘game-ready infinite players’ essential to accelerating our graceful transition into the Planetary Era. I feel a very real sense of joining a global family on a mission.


Alex Plessl  ♦  Mallorca, Spain

What I’m Doing in the World
I recently moved from Argentina to Spain where I’m working with another BFNet member to develop a social economy initiative that promotes an entrepreneurial culture centered on the development of local and regenerative economies. Called Desarrollo Natural en Acción! (DNA!), it will include a proven Team Academy-based curricula and work in partnership with other “teampreneurs” throughout Europe and beyond.

How BFN Has Helped

BFN helped me find my partner in DNA! and has given us a powerful common ground. More broadly, I experience BFN as a powerful gateway for creating a multi-generational, multi-cultural Planetary community that is cohesive and mature enough to face the long lasting challenges of developing a true Planetary mindset. I see it’s humble, patient, sincere, non-speculative and flexible attitude at work in the solid, systematic, below-the-radar, loving and transforming action that Bright Future Now action brings into this infinite game of evolving as a species.


Josie Straka  ♦  Monroe, Washington

What I’m Doing in the World
I’m a systems engineer who’s building a permaculture-centered intentional family/community in the foothills of the cascades. We’re exploring ways of connecting to the local and world community and expand our skills and resources in inter-, intra-, and planetary relationships.

How BFN Has Helped

BFN has helped in so many ways. First, the course and my connections in the course introduced me to new concepts and tools that I now use on a daily basis. My understanding of myself and the human culture is wider—and grows wider and deeper as I continue to grow. I use the skills and information from BFN in my own inner life, in relationships, with my family, and at work.


Valeria Breiten  ♦  Ashland, Oregon

What I’m Doing in the World
I’m a classical homeopath and licensed naturopathic physician living in Ashland, Oregon, recently relocated from Chandler, Arizona by way of a six month sabbatical around Europe with a special focus on intentional communities. I’m also collaborating with another BFNet member to create a resource for wellness in the Planetary Era.

BFN Has Helped
During my course I met people from all over the world, helping me to see possibilities for a new way of living and traveling in the world of intentional communities. I visited class members in Seattle, Washington, Northern Scotland and Greece. I’ve met some wonderful people in working with BFN to help move the Wellness resource towards launch. We’ve had talented BFN people edit, work with the website and make thoughtful suggestions. I’ve met like minded BFN folks that I have enjoyed getting to know and work with, creating a network for the future.