Tools For The Journey

This is the home page for Foundation Stone 2: “Tools For The Journey.” We are just at the beginning of the Foundation Stones project and expect this section to grow substantially in the coming months.


  • Issue addressed: What conceptual tools do we need to understand culture and how to change it?
  • Core concept: Culture is a dynamic, evolving interface between our innate human nature and the wider world. To adequately understand this dynamic interface we need basic understandings of the mind and of systems.
  • Rests on the ground of: Systems theory, neuroscience, anthropology, psychology and additional social sciences.
  • Supports: Making the shift into a Planetary Era perspective and becoming an effective agent of constructive cultural change.

Human Operating-System Literacy Presentation Videos

Systems Literacy Presentation Videos

Articles in this section

Working Memory
The Dynamic Life of Long-Term Memory
Culture As Interface
The Human Operating System
The Burden And The Gift Of Culture
Two Essential Literacies
Meet Your Mind – Introduction

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