Course Registration

For the Jul 10 – Aug 29, 2021 course

(Pre-course orientation and activities available as soon as you register.)

Early-Bird registration ends May 29.

What happened to the Apr/May ’21 course? We’ve made the hard choice to skip that course so that we can do some much needed internal work. As a small mostly-volunteer organization, we don’t have the capacity to do this internal work and support a course at the same time. The end result of this work will be an even more wonderful Bright Future Network but we’re sorry to disappoint anyone who wanted to take the Apr/May course. 

You’re welcome to register for the Jul/Aug course now. Doing so will assure you of a place and give you more time to take in the pre-course material. There is actually quite a bit to dive into between now and July.

(If you have any questions or issues with this registration form, please contact us.)