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There are lots of ways you can help bring about a thriving sustainable future:

Get The Big Picture For Context Institute

To learn more about Context Institute’s values and perspective, please look at About Context Institute and Our Common Ground.

To find out more about Context Institute’s strategy for empowering  positive change, please look at the 9-minute video on CI’s Long-term Strategy.

Engage With The Foundation Stones

If you haven’t yet, get up to speed with the the Foundation Stones. They exist to provide you with the concepts you need. That’s why we call them a core curriculum for 21st century change agents. Get the overview for the whole Foundation Stones project and then watch the videos from the “What Time Is It?” presentation.

Be An Early Angel

Now that we’ve started producing videos, we’re at a crucial time in the life of the Foundation Stones project. Our impact is about to grow … and our costs already have. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your generosity to empower this work. If you feel moved to help in this way, please accept our gratitude and use our easy Donation Form to give what you can.

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Help us make the new material on this site even better. We won’t be making any changes to the In Context articles (they’re archived material) but the new Foundation Stones material is open for refinement. Help us be as effective as possible in communicating the essential ideas. See something that you feel is not clear? Factually incorrect? Incomplete? Please use the Comment Form to let us know.

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If you find something you like here, please let others know. Most of the pages and posts on this site have sharing buttons to make it easy to send them to Facebook, Twitter or email. Bring these ideas to your conversations and meetings. However you share, please let others know what you have found.

Innovate – Implement – Educate

We celebrate everything you do towards a thriving sustainable future — in your personal life, in your household, in your workplace, in your community and in the wider world. This great work belongs to all of us. Everything you do to make it real — with CI’s help and inspiration or otherwise — moves the transformation forward.