Welcome Eldan

Eldan GoldenbergOne of the most significant milestones in the past few months came at the start of October when Eldan Goldenberg started working with CI as a part-time consultant and thereby converted what had essentially been a one-man-band into a team.

Eldan is currently helping with organizing the Foundation Stones presentation series because that’s our next step and Eldan understands the quiet aspects of service. Yet Eldan brings more than his helpful operational experience. He comes with a deep commitment to acting for a sustainable future and a wonderful alignment with the CI approach.

Let me tell you just a few things about him and then send you to a link where Eldan says it much more beautifully.

Eldan went from a psychology degree from the University of Sussex in England to work at Case Western Reserve University on a PhD involving dynamical systems models of lower animal nervous systems. The more he learned about dynamical systems, the more worried he became about climate change and the risks of passing tipping points in the climate system. Eventually he became convinced that the problems of human society and their environmental manifestations were more urgent than the work he had been focussed on, and left academia to become a full-time sustainability activist.

On this path he has worked at the NW Environmental Training Council and Sustainable Seattle. He co-founded the Happiness Initiative and continues to assist it along with a number of other worthy project. I’m delighted that CI is now one of the places where he is putting his good energy — and delighted to introduce him to you.

So those are the outer contours of his story. I encourage you to look here for Eldan’s own more inner telling of this good story.

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