Table of Contents for IC#35

Designing A Sustainable Future

Making our buildings, neighborhoods, and cities sustainable

Originally published in Spring 1993
Copyright (c)1993, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
Robert Gilman

Building Scale

Restorative Design an interview with Bob Berkebile, by Robert Gilman
Design that nurtures the heart and heals the environment.

Working With Light by Karl H. Maret
An Amsterdam bank building provides a decade of good results.

Audubon’s Living Building by Mark Worth
This recycled Manhattan building is a whole-system success.

Institutional Inefficiency by Amory Lovins
Perverse incentives are perpetuating wasteful energy habits.

Small Is Beautiful by Matt Holland
Small houses for a changing population

Energy Stars & Green Builders by Doug Seiter
Austin’s rating system for green homes.

Resource-Responsive Housing by Pliny Fisk
Eco-friendly grow homes.

Clearing the Air by John Bower
Seven do’s and seven dont’s for clean indoor air

Thirty Ways to Get Sustainable – At Home by the CI Staff

Community Scale

Eco-Community Design by Guy Dauncey
Bamberton: a plan for an ecological, humane community.

Transforming Inner-City Los Angeles by Lois Arkin
This inner-city neighborhood is ready for an eco-renaissance.

Reclaiming Community by Matt Holland
Cohousing in inner-city Portland.

Village Homes by Bill Browning and Kim Hamilton
A pedestrian-oriented solar community comes of age.

Community-Scale Technology by Bruce Coldham
Finding appropriate scales

Living Machines by Mary Guterson
Integrating wastewater treatment into daily life provides a lesson about efficiency and the harmony of nature.

Winslow Cohousing: A Self-Portrait by Sarah van Gelder
Residents of the first member-developed cohousing community in the US share their experiences after one year of living together.

Urban Scale

Urban Ecosystems by John Lyle
Cities of the future will embrace the ecology of the landscape, rather than set themselves apart.

Cities of Exuberance by Sarah van Gelder
Strategies for transforming cities and their sprawling suburbs, with a focus on the tie between transportation and land use, plus a sidebar on Reurbanizing Toronto.

Reshaping the Urban Design Process by Wendy Morris
Urban planners in Melbourne, Australia, are building consensus among building professionals about building sustainably, plus a sidebar on Women and Suburbia.

The Evolution of Eco-Cities by Tony Dominski
A three-step process toward restoring cities: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Anthropolis by Dan Fischer
A whole-systems vision of a humane, sustainable city

It’s Time to Rebuild! by Robert Gilman
We have the skills, technology, and compelling reasons to do it; it’s time to begin redeveloping our obsolete built environment.

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