Table of Contents for IC#26

What Is Enough?

Fulfilling lifestyles for a small planet

Originally published in Summer 1990
Copyright (c)1990, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue

Economics, Ecology, and Us by Robert Gilman
Towards a gentle – and enjoyable – way of life

The Green Triangle by Ernest Callenbach
Environment, health, money – help one, help them all

The Conversion of the American Dream by Tom Atlee
Waking up from the nightmare of robotic consumption into a more fulfilling, and more peace-making, way of life. Plus Immigrants, Memories, and Trash by Andrew Lam

At The End of a Good Life by Helen Nearing
The moving story of Scott Nearing’s last years and of his purposeful death by fasting at the age of 100. Plus Going It Alone by Helen Nearing

Why Are We Devouring the Earth? by Andrew Bard Schmookler
The systemic and psychological roots of our materialistic values

Pogonomics by Joe Dominguez
“We have met the enemy and he [or she] is us.” Plus The Joy of Knowing How Much is Enough

Money as Mirror by Irv Thomas
“They say every man has his price. Mine was $50.” Plus What Is Money? by Alan AtKisson

The Lesson of the Hummingbird by Eknath Easwaran
Minimum means, maximum joy – the path of trusteeship. Plus An Indivisible Whole by Eknath Easwaran and Waking At 3 A.M. by William Stafford

Purging the Urge to Splurge by Vicki Robin
50 Simple Things You Can Do Instead of Shopping

Getting Past Hawkers by Vernon Huffman
How to keep advertising from running, and ruining, your life

Lifestyles of the Rich in Spirit
personal statements from

Margaret Lazier, Sugar, Soap, Salt, and Bingo
Arnie Anfinson, Simplicity and the Great Depression
Lila Forest, A Planetary Gypsy
Deena Metzger, Aspiring to Integrity
Katie & Andy Lipkis, Becoming TreePeople
Susan Meeker-Lowry, Of Fear and Miracles
Patrice Berns, The Power of Volunteering
David Spero, Lost In the Ozone Layer
Peter Russell, In a Cottage Near London

Proof that life can be lived more simply – and more meaningfully. Plus A Bright Torch by George Bernard Shaw and Peace Pilgrim on Simplicity

The Question of Lifestyle by the Editors of IN CONTEXT
Questions to help you reflect on the choices you make in your own life

Concentrating on Essence an interview with Elise Boulding, by Alan AtKisson
A world leader in peace research connects the personal to the global

Song of Ourselves as Hives of Mystery a poem by William Pitt Root

Kerala: A Lesson in Light Living by Alan AtKisson
The success of this “poor” Indian state challenges economic logic

They Call Me the Frugal Zealot by Amy Dacyczyn
The editor of The Tightwad Gazette tells how she learned to love saving

The Global Action Plan by Duane H. Fickeisen
A global initiative to save the environment, starting in your home

How Much Is Enough?by Vicki Robin
Closing thoughts on the meaning of “enoughness”

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