Table of Contents for IC#25


The state of the movement

Originally published in Late Spring 1990
Copyright (c)1990, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman

Sustainability: The State of the Movement by Robert Gilman
For two decades the movement has been working behind the scenes to promote planetary health; now it must stand up and be noticed

Economics in the Solar Age an interview with Hazel Henderson, by Alan AtKisson
This one-woman whirlwind is redesigning our cultural genes. Plus New Indicators of Country Development

Physician to the Earth an interview with Lester Brown, by Alan AtKisson
Each year the Worldwatch Institute gives the planet a physical, and Lester Brown is the chief consulting physician

Abundant Opportunities an interview with Hunter Lovins, by Robert Gilman
“Plugging the leaks” in our energy, water, and economic systems will go a long way towards solving our major difficulties. Plus The Parachuting Cats by Hunter Lovins

Local Politics, Global Issues an interview with Larry Agran, by Will Swaim
The former mayor of Irvine, CA, looks far beyond his city’s borders

The Cost of Development an interview with Helena Norberg-Hodge, by Alan AtKisson
In Ladakh and elsewhere in the Third World, Western industrial development is a “great commercial” advertising dubious products. Plus Letter From Sri Lanka by A.T. Ariyaratne

Mixing a Few More Colors Into the Green by Paul Ruffins
How to involve more minorities in the environmental movement. Plus Star Vision a poem by Marilou Awiakta

Ending Hunger by Carla Cole
Everybody knows hunger is a problem. So what do we do about it?

Beating Swords Into Solar Collectors an interview with Michael Renner, by Alan AtKisson
Military conversion must lead to “socially useful products.” Plus Behind the Iron Curtain, an interview with Joel Goodman

The Restoration of Waters an interview with John and Nancy Todd, by Robert Gilman
From organic agriculture to artificial ecosystems, the Todds have been pioneering innovators for over twenty years – and counting. Plus Landmarks, a poem by Cheryl Morse, and two poems by Richard Grossman — Amoeba and Hippopotamus

Holistic Resource Management by Wilbur Wood
HRM is “the best left-brain model” this Montana writer has ever seen. Plus Agriculture in the 21st Century by Richard Thieltges

Designing Healthy Cities an interview with Richard Register, by Robert Gilman
Bulldoze suburbia? Eventually yes, says the author of Ecocity Berkeley. Plus Cerro Gordo: The Town Time Almost Forgot by Chris Canfield

The Utility of Global Thinking by Alan AtKisson
Why global thinking isn’t futile; a reply to Wendell Berry. Plus Sustainability in an Uncertain World by W.R. Prescott

A New Spirit of Hope an interview with Fritz Hull, by Alan AtKisson
Ecological realities urge us to discover new spiritual realities. Plus two poems by Robert Sund — Singer in the Shadows and As Though the Word Blue had been Dropped Into the Water

Resources A guide to the sustainability movement in the U.S.

Planetary Pulse Creating the Home Planet * Reach Out and Telecommunicate * Hosting a Home Environmental Party * The Future of Health Care * Efficiency vs. Coal: The Match of the Century