Table of Contents for IC#14

Sustainable Habitat

Buildings, resources & community

Originally published in Autumn 1986
Copyright (c)1986, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


Finding Home by Robert Gilman
A look at roots and possibilities for habitat

Solar Streets and Wilderness Alleys by Robert Loring
Transforming existing neighborhoods into sustainable habitats

Rebuilding Echo Hill by Bruce Coldham
An alternative approach to housing development design

How a Little Community is Born by Johannes Olivegren
Residents of a Swedish housing cluster designing their homes together

Living in a Bofaelleskab an interview with Hildur Jackson, by Diane and Robert Gilman
The impact of cluster housing on everyday life in Denmark

The Sacred Art of Building by Tom Bender
Reflections on the creation of harmonious living environments


Energy Update an interview with Amory Lovins, by Robert Gilman
Some surprising developments in power supply and demand

Mainstreaming Sustainable Agriculture an interview with Wes Jackson, by Robert Gilman
Strategies for putting our biological knowledge to work

Greening the Desert an interview with Masanobu Fukuoka, by Robert and Diane Gilman
Applying natural farming techniques in Africa


Four Steps to Self-Reliance an interview with Hunter Lovins, by Robert Gilman
The story behind Rocky Mountain Institute’s Economic Renewal Project

Up By Our Bootstraps by Vicki Robin
An interview with residents of a town recovering from economic collapse. Plus An EcoCity in the Making by Hal Rubin.

Manifesting Your Sustainable Habitat by Claire Garden
The future of your neighborhood could begin next Tuesday at 7 pm in your living room


Nine Theses For A Gaia Politique by William Irwin Thompson

We Are All Afrikaners by Robert Fuller

The Game Of Go As A Model Of Change by Robert Israel