Table of Contents for IC#5

Art and Ceremony in Sustainable Culture

Originally published in Spring 1984
Copyright (c)1984, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


The Edge Of Knowing by Karen Thorkilsen
Commitment to the discipline of creative vulnerability

Moving Toward The Center Of Life by Alan Gussow
We cannot be mere spectators to art and life — rather we coexist with both

Transforming The Myth by Deborah Koff-Chapin
Making a choice to live our lives in “another way”

Spin-Off by Joan Coverdale
Good friends, newly met

Art As Right Livelihood? by Drummond Reed
Possibilities for putting the power of art to work for real change

Finding A Place For Art In Community by Laurel Black
Giving form to the visions of others through an attitude of service

Culture, Art & Tao by Lizanne Fisher

Practicing In The Orchard by Brandy Williams
Finding the art in our Self

Dancing The World Awake by Emily Janet Day
The energy of creation may be our saving grace

Grassroots Theater a book review by Maryo Ewell
A book whose time has come — thirty years later

Cultural Animation by Peter Reynolds
“Just plain folks” building culture — rather than just consuming it

Storytelling by Elaine Wynne
To change our lives, we must change our stories

The Corn Dance by Rico Reed
A story told at the spring planting ritual


Ritual Is Essential by Dolores LaChapelle
Seeing ritual and ceremony as sophisticated social and spiritual technology

Warriors Of The Beauty Way an interview with Elizabeth Cogburn by Ross Chapin
Realizing the power and possibility of human potential by creating in beauty

Heart Sharing by the U. V. Family
A “tested” model for group communication

A Dream by Alfred Mercer
Where we find purification and peace

The Paradox Of Impromptu Ritual by Teresina R. Havens
Creating ceremonies and rituals when there is no tradition to follow

Matt’s Rite Of Passage by Paul Kraska
Honoring the transition from boy to man

Healing The Mountain by Anna Halprin
Ceremony and ritual applied to community life


Nuclear Context by Larry Langdon
Beyond War by Virginia Hoyte
Peace Exchange by Robert Schutz