Table of Contents for IC#1

Being A Planetary Villager

Human-scale living in a global context

Originally published in Winter 1983
Copyright (c)1983, 1996 by Context Institute

Introductions by Robert Gilman
… to IN CONTEXT, humane sustainable culture, and the issue’s theme

The Experience of Community

Introduction to Section One

Growing With Sunbow by Chris Roberts
Experience in a suburban intentional community

The Seed Game by Trevor Gloor
Community life grows in surprising ways from seeds of intention

Village Life An Interview with Francois Monnet by Robert Gilman
Reflections by a French multicultural explorer

Accidental Community by Joan Coverdale
Exploring oldness and discovering community

The Dance Of Male & Female In Intentional Community by Danaan Parry
Always a vital dynamic no matter where you live

Selectors by Kat Kinkade
Why people join communities and why they stay

Reflections On WlLLA’s Passing by the WILLA board
Lessons from the demise of a community project

Living With Ceremonial by Deborah Koff-Chapin
.. and finding depth

The Changing Patterns Of Community by Robert Gilman
A cultural history from tribes to cities .. and beyond

Being A Planetary Villager

What Is A Planetary Village? by Tim Clark
How do you go about building one?

The Metaindustrial Village by William Irwin Thompson
A possible future encapsulates history .. and moves beyond

The Planetary City by Ronald Jorgensen
The city also has a valuable role in the metaindustrial era

Notes From Auroville by David Wickenden and Sally Walton
An international “network of villages” develops in south India

Self Portrait Of A Village A-Borning by The Chinook Learning Community
The members of a learning center put down roots

Rural Renaissance by Paul Hawken, James Ogilvy, and Peter Schwartz
One scenario for America in the nineties

The Village And Beyond by Robert Gilman
Networks of villages may be the next major social form

Rethinking National Defense by William Becker
A nation of planetary villages would have less need for military defense

Prayer To Humankind by Manitongquat
A poem of the heart

Strategies & Resources by Robert Gilman
Moving from vision to action