Bright Future Network in Senegal

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This issue of CI News includes:

  • A Senegalese member’s story from the Bright Future Network
  • A reminder that the Early-Bird discount ends 11/30

The Bright Future Network grows worldwide

The Bright Future Network is made up of graduates of the Bright Future Now course. It’s now grown to 110 remarkable people from 18 countries on 6 continents, supporting each other in their quite diverse projects. It’s Context Institute’s way of speeding up positive cultural evolution – and we’ve just begun. Here’s one example:

Professor Ousmane Aly Pame of Senegal, who took BFNow about a year ago, is the founder of the Network for Ecovillage Emergence and Development in the Sahel (known by its french acronym: REDES). REDES works with communities on the front lines of the expanding Sahara. For a great introduction to the context, I recommend that you look at this Charlie Rose interview with Thomas Friedman. Then go to the REDES website and watch the videos there.

Their most recent project is a permaculture demonstration site that is starting on bare, cracked ground yet in a few years will be lush with edible plants. It will become a teaching center for the whole of northern Senegal and southwestern Mauritania.

Ousmane continues to be quite active in BFNet and has encouraged his young co-workers in REDES to take the course so that REDES has it as common ground. The course and the network are providing them with practical tools and worldwide contacts, helping them tip the balance towards greater success.

Not everyone in the network is doing as large-scale work as this but they are all making a difference in their own ways.

Does this sound like something you’d like to be part of?

You join the network by completing the 6-week online BFNow course. Designed for change agents and cultural co-creatives, the course enables you to align your life with the positive momentum of our times so that you can build a brighter future for yourself and for all life.

We’re discovering that BFNow is particularly good for people who are

  • more interested in building the new culture than fighting the old
  • ready to combine personal, interpersonal and project-oriented skill-building
  • interested in connecting and collaborating with others from all kinds of backgrounds who also look toward the future with a positive sense of possibilities.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you in the course and then in the network.

The next course runs Jan 13 to Feb 26, 2018 with registration closing December 30. Registration is normally $400 but the Early-Bird discount through Nov 30 brings the fee down to $375. Register here.

In the midst of all that is unraveling around us, may you be nourished by what is emerging.

With appreciation,
Robert Gilman
November 18, 2017

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