One of the articles in USSR/USA (IC#15)
Originally published in Winter 1987 on page 49
Copyright (c)1987, 1997 by Context Institute

Rita and I are friends
She from Moscow
I from Chattanooga

Rita cooks me salmon and eggplant
Borscht and blinis
We speak with words
We speak with four hands
We speak with eyes and hearts
We drink a little brandy and throwing
Fringed shawls about our shoulders,
Dance and sing like gypsies in the kitchen

We laugh
We cry
We hold hands and watch the
Sun go down on a bench by the birch tree
We trade children and mothers,
Pictures and blouses
We trade Souls’ silken gown and the fit is

Brave Rita, kind Rita
Sister I never had
I would have traveled any
Distance to find her
But we both arrived at the same
Place at the same time
We were wrapped up in
Love’s ribbons and gave ourselves as
Presents to the other.

Rita and I are friends
She from Moscow
I from Chattanooga.

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