Table of Contents for IC#15

USSR/USA: The Human Connection

Reports by soviet & american citizen diplomats

Originally published in Winter 1987
Copyright (c)1987, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


Letter from a Soviet Friend by Irina Mazel
Americans have a lot to learn about Soviet culture

Understanding the Soviets by Robert Gilman
A look through the windows of their geography, history, and system

Waking Up In A Nightmare By Diana Glasgow
How shall we deal with the nuclear dragon we have created?

It’s Up To All Of Us with Anatoly Belyayev, Diana Glasgow, Danaan Parry, Edith Eckart, and Robert Gilman

Springsteen Meets Lenin a poem by Tom Greening

USSR Journal by Molly Young Brown
Notes from a first visit to the Soviet Union

Two Views Of A Meeting by Gale Warner
An insight into why we do things differently

Cultural Treasure by Carlos Alcala
Literature and art are precious commodities to Soviet citizens

Reflections on Russia by Alice Tallmadge
A journalist’s view of the light and the dark of the Soviet Union

Working Freelance an interview with Andre Orlov , by Diana Glasgow
A Soviet journalist builds bridges between East and West. Plus Connections, a poem by Bob Hellrung

Russian Vision by Philip Holliday
A Russian philosopher’s contact with Sophia, spirit of Wisdom

Publishing The 100th Monkey by Vladimir Shestakov
A Soviet peace worker’s story of finding the power to act


Citizen Diplomacy by Michael Shuman, Gale Warner, and Lila Forest
What it is, how it began, and where it’s going

Through The Eyes Of A Citizen Diplomat by Joel Schatz
Perceptions of a seasoned American traveler to the Soviet Union

Friendship by Sisana Mukhametshina
An American visit to Odessa as seen by a Soviet

Music Is A Bridge by Rebecca Johnson
The Seattle Peace Chorus’ visit to the Soviet Union

The Seattle-Tashkent Connection by Roscius Doan
An account of a successful Sister City pairing

Kemerovo by Paula Garb
A colony of Americans mined coal in Siberia in the 1920s

Sisters a poem by Phyllis Petras

Warm Connections by Betsy Bridwell
Making quilts and giving them to Soviet friends

Peace Child by David Woollcombe
Touring the USSR and USA with a Soviet-American cast

Computer Kids by Danaan Parry
American and Soviet teenagers share friendship and computer know- how

Another Kind of Summit by Gale Warner
A historic trek up Mt. Elbrus in the Caucasus

Spacebridges an interview with Joseph Goldin , by Robert Gilman
Linking the world together with communications technology

Resources compiled by Lila Forest