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Bright Future Now – for people who care deeply about the future of Humanity and the Earth and want to become more effective and joyous agents of cultural change.

Global warming, Trump, robots, Brexit – the headlines keep coming. As each passing day makes clear, humanity is at a crucial turning point in our collective history – a transition that will powerfully change the ways we live, work, govern… and even the ways we think.

As we face the significant challenges of our times, are you asking – “How can I more effectively make a difference? How can I be truly part of the solution?”

If so, Bright Future Now is designed for you.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Robert Gilman, a former astrophysicist turned sustainability activist and and cultural change agent. Over the past four decades I’ve initiated leading edge projects like the In Context journal and the Global Ecovillage Network and been connected with countless other programs.

I’ve seen a lot of wonderful work accomplished but I’ve also seen people of good will stumble, again and again, over the same human issues. I’ve created Bright Future Now to provide the essential cognitive, emotional and interpersonal skills so you can step into your full capacity as we make the transition from the past five thousand years of the Empire Era to the emerging Planetary Era.

Bright Future Now is a 6-week online interactive learning program that provides practical tools and transformative experiences that address core human issues – from depth psychology to system mapping; for the mind, the heart and the body; in yourself, in groups and in the world – all in the context of a deep systems understanding of the worldwide transformation we are living through.

As an online course, it is available anywhere in the world as long as you have a broadband internet connection. If you can use Skype or FaceTime or Google Hangouts, you have the equipment to do the course.

And the course is just the start. When you complete it, you become part of the Bright Future Network, an ongoing home for graduates to connect, collaborate, co-create and celebrate as we journey together still further into the Planetary Era. Not only is it easy to keep the connections you make in the course, you get to add lots more with graduates from other course cohorts.

The network is still in its very early stages but already we have people from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Columbia, England, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Senegal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Tanzania, and the US. They bring backgrounds in business, community, government, education, renewable energy, the arts, parenting and technology.

The $375 Early-Bird registration fee, good through November 30, 2017, provides you with both the course and a lifetime membership in the Bright Future Network. There is a money-back guarantee – you can get a full refund through the third week of the course – so your risk is minimal.


Participating In Bright Future Now

The next course runs from January 13 to February 26. Each cohort is limited to 21 people to maintain a high quality experience. Other courses will follow, starting April 7, 2018 and July 14, 2018.


The Course

BFNow is based on my four decades of involvement in cultural change. The course content is a distillation of the transformational essentials, informed by both my experience and by current best practice from a wide variety of fields.

The key areas we explore in the six weeks of the program:

Week 1. Self Awareness and Self Compassion – We begin with that most fundamental of relationships, how you relate to yourself. You will explore your inner territory with Optimal Zone Hygiene tools that lead you to a deeper inner understanding and inner harmony.

Week 2. Objects, Categories, Territories and Maps – We turn next to how we perceive the world around us and discover how potent it is to free ourselves from the limits of categorical thinking and step into Planetary Era cognition. This week has turned out to be surprisingly profound for many of the course participants.

Week 3. Child Development and Adult Character – We all carry chronic defense patterns born out of Empire Era traumas passed from generation to generation. In this week, we learn how to recognize and start to heal these patterns and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. We free ourselves up for the Planetary Era.

Week 4. Systems – Building on the previous weeks, we explore the tools of systems thinking to bring understanding, tame complexity and discover skillful interventions in all levels of the world around us.

Week 5. Collaboration – Real-world effectiveness often requires collaboration. During this week you’ll explore essential collaborative skills like decision-making and leadership, continuing to build on the previous weeks.

Week 6. Vision to Reality – Time to put all the pieces together so that you can turn your visions for a bright future into successful projects now.

You can find many programs that focus on one or another of these areas, but we know of no other program that weaves them together – the emotional and the cognitive, the personal and the group, all in the context of the Empire to Planetary transition – and it’s the synergy among these threads that creates the real magic in Bright Future Now. We feel this whole-system synergy is at the heart of the next big cultural wave. This course prepares you to thrive as you help shape a bright future.


How is the Experience?

Quotes from participants …

“After six weeks I can look back and see exponential growth on my part in most areas covered in the course. I see things differently, and this seeing causes my behavior to shift naturally.”

“By covering such an expansive territory in a short time, it made it easier to connect the dots and sense a bigger picture for my work and my life.”

“I’ve been doing a lot of personal work for several years in what I thought was the same vein as BFNow. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the content of the course was not a repeat at all, although I can see areas where it relates and dovetails.”

“I joined the course with the intention to understand nonlinear thinking better. Six weeks later I feel I’m coming out with a whole range of robust and amazing tools to overcome complexity, much more than I expected. I love most that these are tools that allow me to create a bright future. I’m grateful for how the course integrated complexity with detail, love and effectiveness, and how many insights it triggered.”

“What stays with me is the feeling of compassion threaded through the course. Sometimes in this kind of work, I’ve felt a tendency to judge myself. I’m aware that I haven’t felt that even once during this course.”



“The style, formula and course format are easy
yet the result may simply amaze you.”

Each of the 6 weeks follows a common rhythm:

  1. daily emails (Monday through Friday) that provide both framework and daily explorations
  2. a 1-hour online group meeting each weekend to reflect on the week’s material
  3. a triad meeting scheduled at your mutual convenience
  4. a one-on-one meeting with your ally, again scheduled at your mutual convenience

“I love that this course uses theoretical frameworks but gives you tools that ground the frameworks for practical purposes. It marries the intellectual knowledge with an experiential process. Together the two form a powerful loop of analysis and action. I use the material daily in multiple ways now at work, with my family, in understanding myself.”

“By the end of the second week, I realized the power of the combined presentation/exploration format and how much I was taking away from the experience on the whole. I also felt a profound somatic shift in the way I experience myself in multiple contexts, and started to see the process as exhilarating.”

The three interactive modes – weekend group meetings, triads and one-on-one with your ally – bolstered by the group’s private online forum, provide a profound sense of connection and mutual discovery. Here are a few more reflections from earlier participants about what it was like to connect in these ways:

“I was able to get to know people well in a short period of time in a way that has never happened before in my life.”

“You have the opportunity to glean a new perspective, to bounce ideas off of each other, and all in a forum that encourages safe and respectful sharing of ideas. I developed a camaraderie with others quickly. That was a sweet gift.”

“I really want to acknowledge the depth and breadth of intelligence, heart and amazingness of everyone here.”

“We’re like family now”


The Bright Future Network

The Bright Future Network is an emerging, collaborative space where graduates of the Bright Future Now courses can connect with each other around the world to share and practice tools and skills, explore synergies and partnerships, and develop strategies and projects which support our transition into the Planetary Era.

“I believe this Bright Future Now course and the Bright Future Network can help anyone who, like me, truly cares about the bigger picture of what’s going on in our world, and urgently wants to do something about it, but may not know how to best place themselves in relation to the many issues that seem to bombard us each day, or how to leverage their own unique strengths and skills to make a difference, both individually and collectively with others of like mind and heart.”

The initial program participants, now from five continents and spanning 24 time-zones, are the early start of the Bright Future Network and look forward to welcoming you when you graduate from the course.


Dates & Times

The next course starts Saturday, January 13, and ends Sunday, February 26. Expect to spend roughly seven hours/week with considerable schedule flexibility. The program is designed to integrate into the daily lives of busy people – and it’s worked out this way for previous participants:

“It is hard to describe, but the course delivered a large quantity of information and practices in a way which never felt frantic or pushy. It felt calm and welcoming. I wanted to do the work because it was so interesting and supportive.”

“It was amazing how often the course material fit what was happening right then in my life.”

“I am applying what I learned naturally and with very little effort other than doing the work and staying aware. This was the most surprising thing for me to discover.”

Almost everyone who has taken the course, at some point, needed to postpone the work for a day or two because of other demands in their life. They all found it was easy to catch up again.

In the weeks prior to the course there will also be some orientation, organizing and preparation. You will have one video call for orientation that can be scheduled any time prior to September 30. The call will introduce you to the online tools we use and other aspects of the program. You will also be encouraged to watch the presentation videos and other simple preparation. All together, expect to spend about seven hours before the course, spread over multiple weeks with a lot of schedule flexibility.



Are you interested in the course and the network? This is the place to start.

If you want to take the January/February course, go here to register.

The $375 Early-Bird registration fee, good through November 30, 2017, provides you with both the course and a lifetime membership in the Bright Future Network.

Money-back Guarantee – If at any time during the two-week orientation or the first three weeks of the main program you decide this course is not for you, we will happily refund your registration fee in full.

If you aren’t ready to register yet or if you are interested in a future course, please contact us to let us know of your interest.

And whatever you do, we look forward to our journeying deeper into the Planetary Era together.

Robert Gilman

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