Meet your future self – this weekend

Join us for a special free online event to:

  • Connect with your 2021 future self through a guided visualization
  • Illuminate your inner wisdom for navigating the next year
  • Benefit from the shared sensings and co-creative potentials of a group of like-hearted people from around the world
  • Get an experiential sense of the Bright Future Now culture and energy
  • Gain encouragement and support for finding harmony within, harmony with others and harmony with the natural world

When:  We’re offering two times to enable more people to share in this experience. The format of the two days will be the same. Come to one or the other: Saturday Dec 12, 10 am PST (click here for the time in your timezone) – or – Sunday Dec 13, 3 pm PST (click here for the time in your timezone).  Estimated length is 90 minutes, depending on number of participants. 

Where:  On Zoom. Register here for Saturday. Register here for Sunday. The appropriate zoom link will be sent to you once you register. Parts will be recorded and replays will be available to everyone who registers.

Who: People who want to participate in creating a brighter future. It will be facilitated by FireHawk Hulin, Josie Straka, Lianna Gilman and Robert Gilman of Context Institute.

Why: It’s our gift to you in this time of upheaval. We did an event like this last weekend within the Bright Future Network and got so much out of it that we decided to offer it out to everyone who’s been interested in Context Institute’s work.