Table of Contents for IC#42

A Good Harvest

Originally published in Fall 1995
Copyright (c)1995, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Sarah van Gelder

Human Agriculture an interview with David Orr, by Sarah van Gelder
What it will take to foster strong rural communities, nutritious foods, humane cities, and ecological wisdom. Plus Reaching the Limits, evidence that we are reaching the limits of agricultural production

Farming in Cities by Jac Smit & Joe Nasr
Raising food in cities improves urban landscapes and residents’ diets, using urban-generated waste.

Healing Technologies an interview with Nancy Jack Todd, by Kathryn True
Living Machines use waste water, sunlight, plants, and fish to produce abundant fresh food.

A Tale of Two Food Systems by Elizabeth B. Wheeler, Kaleitha M Wiley & Mark G. Winne
One of Hartford’s food systems is massive, centralized, and distant; the other extends from neighborhoods to near-by farms.

Gardening Angels by Jim Stone
Detroit senior citizens show how inner-city agriculture can strengthen ties between generations.

Eating for Your Community by Robyn Van En
A report from the founder of community supported agriculture. Plus CSA Roots in Japan by Brewster Kneen.

The Community Farm by Wendi Kallins
A CSA member describes how working on a CSA changed her life.

Farm as Ecosystem by Stuart Hill
Deep sustainability means transforming, not reforming, agriculture.

Cultivating Our Garden by John Jeavons
Biointensive farming uses less water, land, machinery, and fertilizer – and more human labor. Plus Become a Seed Saver and The Soil Cycle

Worm Revolution by Stephen White
Earthworms that restore fertility and process sewage.

The Genius of Place an interview with Wes Jackson
The Land Institute founder on tapping the genius of the prairie in the design of agriculture.

Beyond Famine by Dan Connell
Famine in Eritrea may be a threat of the past thanks to the newly independent nation’s land reform and rural development policies.

Five Myths About Food and Hunger from the Institute for Food and Development Policy
Hunger’s deeper causes.

Community to Community by Lorrette Picciano-Hansen
Poor farmers in Mexico and the US build trade and mutual support networks.

A Campaign for Sustainability by Kathy Lawrence
Farmers, consumers, and environmentalists take on US food and agriculture policies.

Feeding the Soul by Gerard Bentryn
Eating close to home feeds your body and soul.

Community Harvest by Thomas Forster & Sarah van Gelder
Imagine a community that thrives through putting food and agriculture at the center of its development — a story of a possible future

Action Resource Guide
Where to turn when you’re ready to take action.

Readers’ Forum
Excerpts from the IN CONTEXT on-line study circle on voluntary simplicity

Planetary Pulse Colombian Model City * Seaweed Paper * PeaceTrees Berlin * Habitat for Humanity Builds Green * Green Taxes


Donella Meadows on environmental “optimists.”

Letter from Robert IC Publisher, Robert Gilman, offers some thoughts on how to remain fearlessly focused on the present