Table of Contents for IC#41

Business On A Small Planet

Originally published in Summer 1995
Copyright (c)1995, 1997 by Context Institute

The Next Reformation an interview with Paul Hawken, by Sarah van Gelder
The underlying principles of industrialism no longer work. A new system is emerging to take its place, despite efforts to retain the status quo.

What You Count, You Get by Ralph Estes
If we only account for benefits to shareholders, that’s all we get. Plus Ecological Audits by Kathryn True

Corporations & The Public Interest by Jonathan Rowe
A look at how the originally purpose behind corporate charters has been lost.

Grassroots Economics by Paul Glover
The people of Ithaca, NY, are printing their own currency and building community and autonomy. Plus Community-Based Currency and Grassroots Economics Resources

Guyana Takes on the IMF by Susan Meeker-Lowry
A South American country charts its own path to economic renewal, based on self-reliance and sustainability.

Taking the Natural Step by Paul Hawken
In Sweden, The Natural Step has built a consensus on the scientific foundation for sustainability. This movement is now beginning in the US. Plus A Natural Step for Business by Walter Hays

Sustainable Partnerships by Sue Hall
Why some leading businesses are taking proactive steps to address environmental challenges.

An Industrial Collusion Against Waste by Elizabeth Pinchot
“Industrial ecology” may not be an oxymoron.

Building It Right by Alan AtKisson
A large construction contractor discovers that sustainable building practices put it a step ahead.

How to Save for a Sustainable Future by John S. Adams
Pension funds make up more than half of all stock and bond investments in the US – here’s how they can be made socially and environmentally responsive.

The Gift Economy by Gifford Pinchot
Not all economies are based on maximizing personal gain – some are founded on giving.

The Transformation of Business an interview with Willis Harman, by Sarah van Gelder
The evolution of consciousness, culture, and business form the foundations of the structures that will replace the crumbling old order.

Planetary Pulse Breaking the Ice * Designing Sustainability * E-Mail Activism * Forest Stewards * Less-Work Network * Negadam Power

Resource Guide
For more sustainable investment, consumption, and workplace choices.


Reader’s Forum Essays Time: Forging A New Relationship by Kim McMillen * Democratizing Technology by Richard Sclove

Reflections Bo Lozoff on communion and community.

Letter from Robert IC Publisher, Robert Gilman, suggests the pace of change is quickening.