Table of Contents for IC#39

Good Medicine

Originally published in Fall 1994
Copyright (c)1994, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Sarah van Gelder

Making Sense of Health Care by Sarah van Gelder
Wanted: a medical system for whole people and whole communities.

Defined by Culture
These stories from Bali, Botswana, Siberia, and various European countries show the close tie between cultures, views of health, and the practice of healing.

Culture Bias in Medicine by Lynn Payer
Balinese Bright Faces by Unni Wikan
Becoming Whole Again an interview with Siberian healers
A Healing Dance by Richard Katz

Choosing Health by Rudy P.C. Rijke, MD, PhD
Why do some people get sick and others stay well? What can we learn from people who are healthy despite encounters with cancer? Plus Forgiveness and Health by G.A. Pettit

Dynamic Healing by Marco J. de Vries, MD, PhD
The stages of healing – from pain through transformation – follow a similar path in our bodies, psyches, and cultures.

The Recovery of the Sacred by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
Medical reform of a more profound variety …

Love, Humor & Healingby Patch Adams, MD
Patch Adams and his friends are building their dream medical facility in West Virginia. Plus Towards Financially Accessible Healing by Dan Menkin and A New Era in Healing by Larry Dossey, MD

Comparing Health Care Systemsby Ed Cooper and Liz Taylor
A thumbnail comparison of a few of the medical systems of the developed world plus the low-down on “managed competition.”

Universal Care an interview with Jim McDermott, MD, by Sarah van Gelder
Rep. Jim McDermott says the US should try the Canadian system.

Consolidated Health Care, Inc. by Steffie Woolhandler, MD and David Himmelstein, MD
The brave new world of corporate-controlled health care.

Healthy Communities, Healthy People by Tyler Norris
Empowering communities by improving health. Plus A New Role for Hospitals by Tyler Norris

Worker Co-op Reinvents an Industryby Liz Taylor
A home care co-op empowers its workers and delivers better service.

The Politics of Health an interview with David Werner, by Kathryn True
The people of the Sierra Madre region of Mexico find that their path to health leads to confrontation with the causes of their poverty.

Reclaiming Tradition by Kathryn True
Hawaiian native people reclaim their culture and rediscover health. Plus Balance & Wellness in Early Hawaii by Karen Farias, RN and Case Management: Counseling for the Whole Person by Jane Lee

Rx: Federal Support for Community Health by Ruth Caplan and Leonard Rodberg
Integrating community health work with other development efforts.

Empowering Health by Sarah van Gelder
What does inequality and hierarchy have to do with health, and what can free-ranging baboons teach us about stress?

Health Resources
Healing yourself, emerging viruses, eco-health

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