Table of Contents for IC#38

The Ecology of Justice

Originally published in Spring 1994
Copyright (c)1994, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Sarah van Gelder

The Ecology of Justice by Sarah van Gelder
A crime-stopping strategy based on strengthening interconnectedness, especially at the family and community scale. Plus A Short History of Justice by Daniel Van Ness, et al.

Who Are the Offenders?by Walter Dickey

Roots in Community
Readings on inner-city crime prevention programs that work

Empowering Communities: Compassion at Work by Anne T. Sulton
Tapping Hidden Strengths by M. Isolina Ferré
Neighborliness Displaces Crime by Lois Arkin
Community Policing in “Little Asia” by Ron Cowart
A Home for Gangs
by Robert Harris
“Love Walk” Brings Peace by Lupé Loera
Just Say “Squash It!” by Kathryn True

Guns and Grief by Don Alexander
A personal story of firearms and regret

Reclaiming Kids an interview with John Calhoun, by Sarah van Gelder
Tapping the enthusiasm of youth and rebuilding communities

Kid Mediators by Mike Maday

Can We All Get Along? by Lori Punske

Life Comes From It by Chief Justice Robert Yazzie
The Navajo Nation’s Peacemakers court focuses on healing and nourishing long-term relationships, rather than establishing “guilt.” Plus Stories from the Peacemaker Court by Jim Zion

A Spiral of Success by John O. Haley
In Japan, offenders seek forgiveness from victims and community, and criminal justice authorities rely on community participation. Plus Victim-Offender Mediation: International Success

Genesee Justice by Sarah van Gelder
This county justice system in upstate New York supports victims, gets accountability from offenders, and empowers the community. Plus The Economics of Restorative Justice

Reclaiming Love: An incest survivor’s story by Dave Gustafson

Reclaiming Our Cultural Mythology by George Gerbner
Bringing democracy to bear in the media world would allow us to reclaim our cultural mythology. Plus Becoming Media Literate

New Heroes of Transformation by Arthur Kanegis

On the Air with Street Soldiers by Kathryn True

Corporate Crime/Our Crime by John S. Adams
What citizens can and have done when corporations get out of line

Prison Without Walls by Jim Merkel
An open prison in Kerala, India, that operates like a community

Doing Time: Using prison as a time for healing

Discovering Connections by Bill Van Court
Love & Forgiveness Behind Bars by Leonard Shaw
Transformation: Victim Offender Reconciliation by Joanne L. Cvar

Each One Teaches One an interview with Stephanie Muller, by Kathryn True
A long-time Delancey Street resident describes the empowerment of former drug addicts and ex-convicts

Rebuilding Communities by Robert Gilman
Promising approaches to crime prevention

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