Table of Contents for IC#37

It’s About Time!

From work to life, finding a new relationship with time

Originally published in Winter 1994
Copyright (c)1994, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Sarah van Gelder

A New Relationship with Time by Robert Gilman
The drop in per capita employment could set the stage for a more balanced way of living.

Saging – Not Aging by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
“Are you saved yet?”

Wasted Time, Wasted Wealth by J.W. Smith
If we could eliminate even a small portion of waste in our production and distribution system, we’d have the time to do more of the things we really want to do, plus
Reclaiming Wasted Wealth by Sarah van Gelder

A Movement Blossoms an interview with Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, by Robert Gilman
Two pioneers of the frugality movement talk about the effects their book, Your Money or Your Life, and its message of simple living and service are having on mainstream culture, plus a sidebar on Figure the Value of Your Life Energy!

Guerrilla Goodness an interview with Ivan Scheier, by Ed and Gay-wynn Cooper
Volunteering can be the best way to make your dreams for a better world a reality. A long-time “dreamcatcher” shares his experience.

Short Takes on Time
An assortment of essays by people who have found creative ways to use their time.
Finding Time by Tom Bender
Table Service by Dolores Dante, as told to Studs Terkel
Supper At Home by Ron Fox
Balancing Time and Energy by Devra Gartenstein
Reclaiming Time by Amrita Boom-Blaine
Temporal Consulting by Jeff Dienst

The Pursuit of Happiness by Benjamin Hunnicutt
What would it be like if everyone worked just six hours a day? During the Depression, the Kellogg Company cut hours to create jobs, and community and family life changed for the better, plus a sidebar on The New Economic Gospel of Consumption.

Flexible Work Options by Kim Bush
There are a myriad of alternatives to the nine-to-five day and the 40-hour week. Here’s a summary.

Work Time, Free Time by Kim Bush
Young people in Japan rebel against the corporate-warrior culture; Europeans look to further cut work hours; American unions cautiously consider the shorter work week.

Making Peace With Time by Michael Gilbert
An approach to time management that’s about reflection and choice – not more control.

Beyond Ordinary Time by Gay-wynn Cooper
Personalized ceremonies can assist us in times of transition to focus on the changes we want for our lives.

Embracing the Unknown by Bernard Theroux
A way to follow your calling may now be a mystery, but keep listening!

New Work, New Culture an interview with Frithjof Bergmann, by Sarah van Gelder
Technology, a shrinking job market, and intelligent self-providing could liberate us from work drudgery and give us time to do things we care deeply about.

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