Table of Contents for IC#34

Exploring Our Interconnectedness

Discovering the many levels of our connection with each other and all of life

Originally published in Winter 1993
Copyright (c)1993, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman

The Next Great Turning by Robert Gilman
Evidence that interconnection is more real on more levels than we may have thought – and what that could mean to our western world view.

Common as Dirt by Stuart B. Hill
Those little critters in the soil may not seem all that impressive, but we all depend on nature’s most efficient recyclers.

Microbial Microcosm based on the work of Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan
Instead of seeing ourselves as the pinnacle of evolution, it may be more accurate to look at a person as a colony of closely associated microorganisms.

World as Lover; World as Self by Joanna Macy
Looking at the world as oneself – or as a lover – transforms ordinary reality and provides a greater sense of purpose.

The Song by Sharif Abdullah
A hike with high school kids is transformed into a vision quest.

Remembering Our Purpose an interview with Malidoma Somé, by Sarah van Gelder
Indigenous teachings on community, identity, and respect for the Earth may help us transcend modernity, plus a sidebar on Initiation.

Sharing Strength an interview with Linda Stout & George Friday of the Piedmont Peace Project, by Sarah van Gelder
These southern organizers have discovered the energy and power available when poor blacks and whites join forces.

A Chance for Peace by Ivanka Vana Jakic
A Yugoslavian-born peace maker develops international support for setting aside ‘zones of peace’ as a first step toward ending war.

Planetary Networking for Kids by Matt Holland
High school kids from around the world are using the latest communications technologies to learn about the planet – and change it.

Hip-Hoppers & Do-Gooders by Upski Wimsatt
Upski brings together people from his two worlds: middle-class, white Oberlin College and Chicago’s black ghetto. He says doing so keeps him sane – and his message could do the same for us.

Awakening the Ecological Unconscious by Theodore Roszak
The author of The Making of a Counterculture proposes a new discipline that could help heal our relationship to the Earth and to all Creation.

Essential Peacemaking an interview with Danaan Parry and Jerilyn Brusseau, by Robert Gilman
Making peace between the world’s longest-standing adversaries – men and women – could form the foundation for a broader peace.

Between Order and Chaos … an interview with David Spangler, by Robert Gilman
The creative, dynamic realm between isolated individualism and immersion in mystical oneness.
Planetary Pulse
Rethinking “Poverty” * Getting rid of your car – and having it, too * Producing like there is a tomorrow * Kids seek Earth Summit action