Table of Contents for IC#33

We Can Do It!

Tools for community transformation

Originally published in Fall 1992
Copyright (c)1992, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman

Community-Based Strategies for Change by Rob Young and Grant Power
Community-based change builds on a long populist tradition. But there are reasons to believe that this new grassroots movement will be harder to co-opt and will have more far-reaching effects

City Power: Flexing Municipal Muscles by John Hart
By making the environment a top priority, San Jose not only cleaned up its act, it also saved its citizens lots of money. Plus a sidebar on ways cities can take action

Community Animation an interview with Jeff Bercuvitz, by Robert Gilman
Rebuilding community spirit is not only possible, it’s essential to pulling a community out of the doldrums. Jeff Bercuvitz uses a five-step approach to get people thinking – and acting – creatively. Plus sidebars on the power of going for a walk and discovering hope in Greenfield, Iowa.

Study Circles: Schools for Life by Cecile Andrews
This model for community learning can provide a better understanding of our world and how to help make it a better place. Plus sidebars on guidelines and history and resources for study circle

Voluntary Simplicity Study Circles by Janet Luhrs
A personal report

Values at Work an interview with Sharif Abdullah, by Robert Gilman
When county road maintenance workers learned to feel better about themselves, they could let go of racism and sexism – and start considering what it would be like to live in an authentic culture

New Life for Inner Cities by Patrick Barry
Citizen-based initiatives for rebuilding inner cities

Living Democracy by Trena M. Cleland
What do successful community organizing efforts have in common? Respect for human dignity and true democracy

Saying YES! to Environmental Sanity an interview with Ryan Eliason, by Diane Gilman
Ryan Eliason, at age 22, has founded an environmental group and inspired young people all over the US to take action for the environment

Theater of the Heart by Lucia Effros and Matt Holland
Teen Katie Christie acts out dreams for a better world

Making It Real a focus group moderated by Duane Fickeisen and Carla Cole
Leaders from the human potential movement discuss the role of personal authenticity in building community

Sharing the Wealth by Edorah Frazer
To Edorah Frazer, giving away her surplus wealth just seemed like the right thing to do. But it wasn’t simple. Nor is it easy for the rest of us to know how much to share the wealth we “inherited” by virtue of our birth in the developed world. Plus sidedbars on How Much Is Enough and Investing In The Future

The Impact Project by Anne Slepian and Christopher Mogil
How to use wealth for social change.

Transforming a Mega-Utility I an interview with Ralph Cavanagh , by Sarah van Gelder
Transforming a Mega-Utility II an interviews with John Fox, by Sarah van Gelder
Environmentalists, consumer advocates, and several of the nation’s largest utilities turned from confrontation to collaboration – and energy conservation was the big winner

Closing Trojan by Mark Worth
Utility officials and environmentalists agree to close nuclear plant

Building the Movement by Robert Gilman
Communities in North America need help to change in ways that will be sustainable for today’s world and for future generations. Community Transformation Services could be part of the answer

Planetary Pulse
* Subsidizing automobile travel * Designing a better world * What went right at Rio