Table of Contents for IC#32

Dancing Toward The Future

Environment and development

Originally published in Summer 1992
Copyright (c)1992, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Alan AtKisson

Beyond the Limits to Growth by Donnella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, and Jørgen Randers
It’s been twenty years since the original Limits to Growth study, which shook the world. A new update finds that we’re twenty years closer to a possible – but not inevitable – “overshoot and collapse”

Hope and Ozone by the Editors of IN CONTEXT
In a world of global warming, ozone holes, and disappearing habitat, what basis do we have for hope? A computer-mediated “multilogue”

Commons Sense A selection of readings on environment and development

Hillary F. French on Governing the Global Commons
François Mitterand on “The Environment Has No Borders”
Shimwaayi Muntemba on Participation Is Central
Peggy Lauer on National Green Plans
Alan Thein Durning on a Sustainable Global Lifestyle
Bejurin Cassady on the Tin Wis Coalition
Suzanne Tedesko on Community Development in El Salvador
Peter Schweitzer writes “Just Another Fund-Raising Letter – Not!”

Development, Heresy, and the Ecological Revolution by David C. Korten
What’s wrong with our thinking about economic progress, and what could make it right. An open letter to the industrialized world. Also, The Unison Snoring Of Supine Economists In Deep Dogmatic Slumber by Herman Daly

Barnstorming for Balance by Alan AtKisson
Our reporter catches up with barnstorming Senator Al Gore, whose new book, Earth in the Balance, is a bold statement on how to “rescue the global environment” from a dysfunctional pattern of civilization. Also, The Tectonic Process Of Change from a talk by Al Gore and a review of Earth in the Balance.

Green Engineering and National Security an interview with Lt. General Henry J. Hatch, by Alan AtKisson
The commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers looks to the future, embraces the ethic of sustainable development, and calls on environmentalists and engineers to work together

Solving Third World Debt by Carla Cole
The biblical “Year of Jubilee” suggests a way out of the debt fiasco

The Limits to Science by Duane H. Fickeisen
What science can and can’t tell us about problems like global warming, what scientists agree on, and why we must act now

The Wisdom of Limits by Charles M. Johnston
Our society is facing its mid-life transition, says this “cultural psychiatrist,” and accepting physical limits – including the ultimate limit of death – is part of the challenge

Design for a Sustainable Economics by Robert Gilman
Conventional economic thinking is dangerously outmoded, and a new, more comprehensive system must take its place. A look at what could become the framework for economic thinking – and policy-making – in the 21st century

To Become a Dancer poetry by Lucile Adler

Planetary Pulse
* Peter Drucker on the New Priorities * Cooperative Trade * Light-footed Logging * Beyond Beefing