Table of Contents for IC#31

Birth, Sex, & Death

Human family planning

Originally published in Spring 1992
Copyright (c)1992, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Alan AtKisson

No Simple Answers by Robert Gilman
Computer models reveal that population control is not “the” solution

To Breed or Not To Breed
A selection of readings on population, procreation, and the meaning of life

The Green Gulch Declaration
Suzanne Wymelenberg on the History of Contraception
Sandy Bradley’s defense of the Charlie Murphy song, “Love Glove”
Mark Valentine on Population and the Earth Summit
Mary Clark on A Billion Babies, and Charge It, Please
Frances Moore Lappé & Rachel Schurman on Population and Politics
Ami Lönnroth on Sweden’s Alva Myrdal
Jim Schenk on Saluting the Childless
Vicki Robin on Mothering the Earth
Paula Hendrick’sConfessions of a Nursing Home Worker”

The Sex Article by Duane H. Fickeisen
A “PC” piece on sex that’s both more and less than you might expect

The Wisdom of Tibetan Childbirth by Edie Farwell and Anne Hubbell Maiden
For Tibetans, having a child is a conscious act of intention that starts well before conception – with an invitation to a reincarnating spirit. Plus, Birth and the Basque

Population, Poverty, and Planet Earth by Donella H. Meadows
Too many people have too little, we consume more and more of our planet – yet the answer to our dilemma is as close as our own hearts

Clipping Population
Press clips and notes on family planning from around the world

Strands in the Web an interview with Helena Norberg-Hodge, by Robert Gilman
Population trends in Ladakh raise questions about “development”

Family Planning Media: That’s Entertainment! by Suzanne Tedesko
TV soap operas, pop songs, and radio shows promote birth control

Thailand: A Family Planning Success Story by Edorah Frazer
Cops and “rubbers”? The secret of Thailand’s success is a sense of fun

Beyond Birth Control by Susan Willson
A cross-cultural midwife explains comprehensive family planning. Plus Bailey-Boushay House by Marcy Jackson

Sex, Lies, & Population Control by Alan AtKisson
Even the “O” word might need to enter the population vocabulary

The Importance of Being Happy an interview with Barry Neil Kaufman, by Alan AtKisson
Can “family planning” include planning to be happy? The author of Happiness Is a Choice says emphatically yes, and explains why

Natural Dying by Paula Hendrick
Letting go of our baggage before the final journey. Plus Breathing the Darkness In, poetry by Lynn Shoemaker

Planetary Pulse
A Sustainable Diet: Beyond the Merely Meatless * Greening the Garden * Squash by Subscription * Eco-Housing Resources