Table of Contents for IC#29

Living Together

Sustainable community development

Originally published in Summer 1991
Copyright (c)1991, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Alan AtKisson

The Eco-Village Challenge by Robert Gilman
What is an “eco-village”? And why aren’t we already living in them? A look at challenges faced by the emerging eco-village movement

A Cluster of Eco-Villages
Stories of eco-village and sustainable community projects from Australia to Yugoslavia, and from the ancient to the anticipated

Crystal Waters
Solta Eco-Village Network
Soldiers Grove
Ganas Foundation
EcoVillage At Ithaca
The Swinomish Tribal Community
The North Carolina Biodome

Plus Essence And Form by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

To Think Like Others an interview with Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, by Robert and Diane Gilman
The lessons of community living are finding their way into mainstream business – and business has much to teach communities. Plus Creating Community in the Workplace by Roberta Wilson

The Joy of Community an interview with M. Scott Peck, by Alan AtKisson
Do organizations ever need to be “exorcised”? The author of The Different Drum and The Road Less Traveled says yes – and that a “technology of community” could become the heart of a new global culture. Plus the Mission Statement for the Foundation for Community Encouragment and Huddling Together by Patch Adams.

A Community of Attention by Stephanie Kaza
At Green Gulch Farm, the reference points of place, ceremony, and the practice of Zen Buddhism define a community for “the benefit of all beings”

The Farm, Twenty Years Later an interview with Albert Bates, by Robert and Diane Gilman
In 1971, busloads of Hippies started an alternative community in Tennessee that has survived to become a source of innovative high technology, social wisdom – and the finest tie-dyed T-shirts

Steyerberg: An Experiment in Tolerance an interview with Declan Kennedy, by Robert and Diane Gilman
This alternative community in Germany also experiments with permaculture, solar-powered cars – and how to have fun at meetings. Plus The Life and Times of Woodburn Hill Farm by Frank Fox

Building Heaven in the City of Angels by Lois Arkin
The Los Angeles Eco-Village plans to turn a dump site into a dream community – and to provide an alternative urban model for the world. Plus Density and Sustainability by Duane H. Fickeisen

Pragmatic Utopias: Planning With Nature by Davidya Kasperzyk
Bioregional design can help us fit our cities and settlements to the landscape we inhabit for a sustainable, and beautiful, way of life

The Penan: Community in the Rainforest by Wade Davis
Borneo’s most peaceful – and most threatened – tribal peoples have been living in harmony with each other and the forest for millenia. Plus A Message From The Penan

Skills for Living Together by Duane H. Fickeisen
This “people skills survival kit” will help you better understand yourself, others, and how to get where you all want to go – together. Plus a sidebar on Living Together or Living Apart?

Guidelines for Eco-Village Development by Robert Gilman
Eight steps to creating your own sustainable community, no matter where you live

What About Traditional Villages? by Carla Cole
Think Galactically, Act Terrestrially by Patrick Anderson
Collaborating on Community by Dorit Fromm
Empire in Winter poetry by Judson Jerome

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