Table of Contents for IC#27

The Learning Revolution

Education innovations for global citizens

Originally published in Winter 1991
Copyright (c)1991, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue

by the editors

A Personal Introduction by Alan AtKisson
Education, schooling, and the “bringing forth” of self

Onward and Upward! by Dee Dickinson
The revolution in learning has already begun

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom by Bruce Campbell
An innovative 3rd-grade teacher applies all seven ways of learning. Plus Four Factors in Educational Reform by Howard Gardner

Learning As Transformation by Harrison Owen
Learning is more than knowledge – it’s the evolution of consciousness. Plus Learning Communities Thrive on Campus by Barbara L. Smith

Accelerated Learning an interview with Libyan Labiosa Cassone, by Alan AtKisson
Playing games, singing songs, “performing” your material – and how learning is affected by the power of suggestion

The Primacy of Story by Renée Fuller
Story is the building block of consciousness uniting all our minds. Plus Discovering the Story Engram

Difference Is Not Deficiency an interview with James Vasquez, by Alan AtKisson
By addressing differences in cognitive style, education could do a lot more for minority students

The Compass of Meaning by David Boulton
“Meaning needs” guide learners – and new learning technologies

Unfinished Business by David Koyama
Project REACH is making multicultural education a reality. Plus Multicultural Resources by Millie L. Russell and C. Sybil Brown

Developing Motivation for Lifelong Learning by Raymond J. Wlodkowski
Helping people feel inspired to learn is a gift that lasts a lifetime

Learning How to Learn an interview with Kathy Greenberg, by Duane H. Fickeisen
“Mediated Learning” awakens you to the process of learning itself. Plus 10 Building Blocks of Thinking and 8 Tools of Independent Learning

The Case for the Arts by Eric Oddleifson
The arts aren’t just fun – they are crucial factors in educational success

Earthwise Learning by John Burbidge
A multifaceted curriculum to help learners make sense of the world

Learning Through Service by Kate McPherson
By caring for others, students learn how to care for the world. Plus Adult Learning by Dorothy Billington

What Is Education For? by David Orr
Assessing education in the light of current planetary reality

How to Start a Revolution at Your School by Linda MacRae-Campbell
Practical advice from an experienced change agent

Applying Our Knowledge by Dee Dickinson
The exciting emergence of community learning centers, and next steps. Plus About New Horizons for Learning

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