Table of Contents for IC#24

Earth and Spirit

Redefining the sacred for the planetary era

Originally published in Late Winter 1990
Copyright (c)1990, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman

Can the Earth Heal Us? by Robert Gilman
The environmental crisis offers us a unique opportunity to transcend age-old conflicts. Plus The Spiritual Culture of Religion by Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne

“We Appeal To You” by Dr. Noel J. Brown
The United Nations Environment Programme calls for assistance from the world’s religious and spiritual leaders

The Green Cathedral an interview with Dean James Parks Morton, by Alan AtKisson
The “Green Dean” of New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine defines the cutting edge of ecology and religion. Plus From: Science, To: Religion by Alan AtKisson

Redefining the Divine an interview with David Ray Griffin, by Alan AtKisson
In postmodern spirituality, redefining the divine is a crucial step towards reinventing the human. Plus The Birth of God by Daniel Martin

Living the New Story an interview with Sister Miriam Theresa MacGillis, by Alan AtKisson
How the story of the universe translates to a new way of life. Plus In the Beginning Was the Dream by Thomas Berry

The Transforming Fire by Dee Berry

Poems, prayers, and stories from around the world

Poetry by James Bertolino
Letter from the Island, Credo, and Indra’s Falls

Choosing Wonder by JoAnn McAllister
Overcoming the fear of mystery leads to the ecstasy of discovery

Earth Covenant from Global Education Associates

Where The Two Worlds Touch by Richard Gossett and Rochelle Wallace
Shamanic experience can help us to heal the earth – and ourselves

The Meaning of Gaia by David Spangler
Is Gaia a goddess? Or just a good idea?

The Eco3 Solution an interview with Donald Conroy, by Alan AtKisson
Ecologists, economists, and ecumenists are joining together in an interfaith, interdisciplinary partnership

Walking With Nature an interview with Jewell Praying Wolf James and Kenneth Cooper,
by Kari Berger

The Native Americans’ enduring ties with the natural world

For As Long As It Takes by Alan Lithman (Savitra)
The experimental community of Auroville is working to forge a grounded, earthy, internationalist spirituality. Plus Snail River, a poem by James Bertolino

Keeping Eco-Kosher by Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev and Shelley Mann-Lev

Serving The Earth by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez
All hands are needed to protect the planet – our hands

A Prayer of Sorrow, Healing, and Gratitude

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