Table of Contents for IC#23

The Ecology of Media

From storytelling to telecommunications

Originally published in Fall 1989
Copyright (c)1989, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue

The Ecology of Media by Robert Gilman
As vehicles of cultural communication, our media largely define who we are as a society

The Information Ecosystem by Knute O. Berger
Rapid technological evolution is giving individuals new power not only to influence the media, but to be it

System Dynamics Meets The Press by Donella H. Meadows
The media is looking for a few good concepts. Plus T-Shirts and Fortune Cookies by Vicki Robin and Decide to Network by Robert Muller

Redefining Entertainment an interview with Norman Fleishman, by Alan AtKisson
Known as “the conscience of Hollywood,” this behind-the-scenes activist believes entertainment can change the world

Sustainable Television by Duane Elgin
TV is our “central nervous system.” How do we use it?

Conscious Radio an interview with Michael Toms, by Alan AtKisson
Michael Toms’ New Dimensions radio has been at the leading edge of culture for 17 years. Now the culture has caught up.

A New Media Agenda by Elizabeth Thoman
The founder of Media&Values magazine calls for a consumer movement like the one that revolutionized the food industry. Plus information about the Center for Media and Values

Project Censored by Carl Jensen, PhD
Having all the information is crucial to making good decisions

Getting Media Coverage a panel discussion with Bill Baker, Karyl Levinson, and Doug Underwood and moderated by Alan AtKisson
TV, radio, and newspaper reporters explain how to get behind the editorial curtain and make the news. Plus Spread a Global Rumor by Mike Nickerson

Mounting a Media Campaign by Peter Costantini
The media can be used to educate and move people without manipulating them

Reading The World an interview with Klaudia Rivera, by Ruth Pelz
“Liberatory education” teaches literacy, and a whole lot more. Plus Freire’s Revolution by Ruth Pelz

What Is Editing? an editors’ round table, with Jay Walljasper, Chris & Judith Plant, Robert Chrisman, John Mohawk, Robert Gilman and Alan AtKisson
Editors control what gets into the media – and into you. Eight editors in the alternative press discuss what they do, and why. Plus Environmental Writing 101 by Michael Frome

Humanizing Hyperspace by Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz
Computer-generated “virtual reality” is virtually a reality. These pioneers are exploring how to live there more humanely. Plus The On-Line World by Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz and Media and Education by Wilhelmina C. Savenye

The Truth in Story an interview with Merna Hecht, by Kari Berger
“Story” is the mother of all our media communications

Surviving & Thriving in the Information Age by Knute Berger
Finding meaning in the communications chaos

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