Table of Contents for IC#20

Is Militarism Fading?

What next for the warrior?

Originally published in Winter 1989
Copyright (c)1989, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman
>On the Brinkby Robert Gilman
Ancient history and contemporary trends point to a decline in militarism – but it remains a dangerous presence

Military Spending and the American Economy by Gary Chapman
The effects of excess military spending, and the misplaced investment it represents, go far beyond the budget deficit

Alternative Security by Michael Shumann, Hal Harvey, and Daniel Arbess
The concept of “national security” needs to include a lot more than just military threats, and military security can be made to stress defense, not offense. Plus Sun-Tzu by Alan AtKisson

We Need New Myths by Michael Zimmerman
A distorted mythology drives the arms race, and George Lucas’ Star Wars provides a good model for a more complete one. Plus What’s In a Symbol? by Michael Zimmerman

The Tracks of War an interview with Charles Figley, by Robert Gilman
A psychologist and veteran explains post-traumatic stress and gives us a before-and-after look at the historic meeting between U.S./Viet Nam and Soviet/Afghan war veterans

The Future of the Army by Donella Meadows
An unlikely meeting between academic futurists and military planners results in some new thoughts about the army’s role

Thinking Deeper Than War an interview with Richard Rathbun, by Robert Gilman
Small, incremental changes can add up to big shifts in thinking, says this founder of Beyond War

Out of Weakness by Andrew Bard Schmookler
A new book by the author of The Parable of the Tribes explores the wounds that drive us to war, and the potential for healing. Plus The General by Andrew Bard Schmookler

Challenging Militarism in Central America by Lila Forest
Deeply troubled by militarism’s effects, Central America presents many opportunities for positive action. Plus Resources for obtaining more information or getting more involved

Peace and the Warrior an interview with Danaan Parry, by Robert Gilman
To build a truly peaceful planet, says this founder of the Earthstewards Network, we must look hard at what attracts us to war- and learn some lessons from the warrior

Planetary Pulse *Ending hunger in Africa * Environmentalists in the E.P.A. * Salaam Bombay ! * A Gandhian strategy preserves a tribal way of life * Energy efficiency vs. nuclear power * Helping out Habitat * Tourism as a peace industry * Sustainable development in Costa Rica * Solar cells sell * Dave Foreman speaks