Table of Contents for IC#19

The Next Agenda

Building a livable 21st century

Originally published in Autumn 1988
Copyright (c)1988, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Robert Gilman
Historical patterns offer hope for “the next agenda”

Reclaiming the Future by Lester R. Brown & Edward C. Wolf
The latest report from the Worldwatch Institute redefines security and measures the distance to a sustainable society

We Have the Money by Donella Meadows
We can afford to improve the world, but not while spending a disproportionate amount on defense

Energy and Security an interview with Amory Lovins by Robert Gilman
New efficiency technologies could be the key to both, and the Soviets already know it

Living With Perestroika by Yuri Burtin and others
A roundtable discussion held in the Soviet Union explores the obstacles to national change

To Burn or Not to Burn an interview with Neil Seldman, by Robert Gilman
The case for recycling over incineration is more critical than ever … and it’s winning

The Common Good by Frances Moore Lappé, Rachel Schurman, & Kevin Danaher
What exactly is foreign aid, and why give it? A new Food First book examines foreign aid and the national interest

The Sea, The Sky an interview with Richard Barber by Alan AtKisson
El Nino teaches us to respect the rhythms of the earth and raises some surprising questions about global warming


No Easy Answers an exchange between Charles Johnston and Robert Theobald
Two leading authors discuss the potential traps and fallacies in emergent thinking and the pathways to real change. Plus Sacred Stewardship by Jean Houston

Judaism in the Planetary Era by Nahum Ward
Rethinking the rites and values of a traditional religion

Painfully Beyond East and West by Sohail Inayatullah
The transnational person and the future of culture

The Third Way is Here by Terry Mollner
Neither capitalist nor socialist, Japan and Mondragon are first steps toward a new kind of nation

Border Crossings by Diane Gilman
Grassroots perestroika in Siberia