Table of Contents for IC#18

Transforming Education

Awakening the full human everyone

Originally published in Winter 1988
Copyright (c)1988, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


The Spirit Of St. Louis by James A. Mecklenburger
A parable about education

New Horizons by Dee Dickinson
Basic research has provided educators with new wings; the time has come to use them

Beyond IQ by Renée Fuller
If we insist on looking at the rainbow of intelligence through a single filter, many minds will erroneously seem devoid of light

Ordinary Olympians by Marilyn King
The secrets of superior performance

Whole Person Education by Linda MacRae-Campbell
Nurturing the compassionate genius in each of us

Open Systems, Open Minds by Bob Samples
Reflections on consciousness and education

Teaching For Intelligence by Arthur L. Costa
Recognizing and encouraging skillful thinking and behavior

Moving Wisdom by Peggy Hackney
The role of the body in Learning

Technology And Education by James A. Mecklenburger
How will American education cope with “electronic age”?

Architecture Can Teach by Anne Taylor, Robert A. Aldrich, and George Vlastos
…and the lessons are rather fundamental

Cooperative Learning by Roger T. and David W. Johnson
Two heads learn better than one

It Can Be Done by Luis Alberto Machado
We can liberate everyone’s genetic capacity. Plus Day One, a report on a parent education video


Schools For The 21st Century by Robert M. McClure
Can we go from lethargy to zest for learning?

Integrative Education by Barbara Clark
Putting the pieces together in a working model

Imaginal Education by Ronnie Seagren
A model that goes beyond “schooling”

The Montlake Project an interview with LaVaun Dennett, by Robert Gilman
Transforming an inner city school

Where Do We Go From Here? by Dee Dickinson
Overcoming obstacles requires a radical shift in perception

Resources from New Horizons for Learning