Table of Contents for IC#16


Fresh visions and ancient roots

Originally published in Spring 1987
Copyright (c)1987, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


The Trouble With Men by Robert Gilman
A look at the sources of, and solutions to, the oppressiveness of men

Goddesses & Gods Within an interview with Jean Shinoda Bolen, by Lila Forest
Our changing relationship to masculine and feminine archetypes

Tribal Wisdom an interview with Harley Swiftdeer Reagan, by Richard Peacock
A Native American view of male and female. Plus The Pear Orchard, a poem by James Bertolino

An Unfinished Revolution by Joyce Marshall
Toward a new kind of power

Beginning Within an interview with Robert Johnson, by Lila Forest
Maintaining personal balance in a shifting culture

Revisioning Masculinity by Shepherd Bliss
A report on the growing men’s movement

Long Live The Queen! by Lila Forest
Making good use of feminine power and autonomy. Plus Animus, a poem by Lila Forest


My Journey As A Man by Rick Gossett
Steps in the quest for a fuller life. Plus For Men Who Tend Children, a poem by Kathleen McQuillan

I’m A Woman! by Vicki Robin
Growing through many ways of being female

People And Pigeonholes by Janie Matrisciano
Is “truth in labeling” a contradiction in terms?

Anima by Robert Shelby
A short story

Love Manifesto by Devayani Smith
Healing wounds together

Portraits Of Women by Patricia Mische
A glimpse of life in Kenya, Peru, and El Salvador

Once We Were Gods by Penny Herman
Moving back toward wholeness

Spiritual Warrior an interview with Joseph Jastrab
Creating connections to positive masculinity

Passage Into Manhood by Steven Foster
A modern ritual for young men

Initiation Into Womanhood by Rochelle Wallace
Blending many cultures in a gift of love

Where Do We Go From Here? by Rick Gossett and Lila Forest
A wrap-up conversation