Table of Contents for IC#13

Play & Humor

Funny routes to graceful change

Originally published in Spring 1986
Copyright (c)1986, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


Breaking The Rules by Robert Gilman
A shadowy introduction to a funny business

The Cosmic Child by Brian Swimme
More tales from the Green Dragon

Laughing Matters an interview with Joel Goodman, by Diane Gilman
Reflections from a humor educator

Playfair by Matt Weinstein and Joel Goodman
A sampling of cooperative games

Learning From The Experts by Thomas Crum
The playful wisdom of children

The Teachings Of UM by John Perkins
A story of rediscovery and unlearning

The Fragile Muse by Roberta Maguire
Learning basic human skills through improvisation

Theater Sports an interview with Floyd Van Buskirk, by Robert and Diane Gilman
Improvisation as a community sport


Nasal Diplomacy by Patch Adams
A funny route to peace

It’s a Dirty Job by Tina Tessina
The silly solution for healthy relationships

Humor in Business by Joe Jenkins
Lightening up the work load

Holy Fools by William Peckham
A youth program for all ages

Inside Clowning an interview with Dino, by Diane Gilman
A clown’s story

Humor & Death by Allen Klein
You’ve got to be kidding!

The Game by Mary Inglis
An insightful tool for personal awareness

Atomic Comics by Fran Peavey
Humor from the heart to melt our nuclear numbness

International Play by Robin Blanc
Frisbee diplomacy

Tools for play and humor