Table of Contents for IC#11

Living Business

Turning work into a positive experience

Originally published in Autumn 1985
Copyright (c)1985, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman

Freeing Business by Robert Gilman
We can free our vision of business from the abuses of today’s system

Glossary & Resources


On My Own by Tina Tessina
Self-employment “in her own way ”

Street Smarts by William Larsen
The best business education start your own business for under $100

Being In Business an interview with Jerry Goldstein , by Robert Gilman
Seasoned advice from the editor of IN BUSINESS.

[Non-] Financial Interactions a poem by Judith Winter

What Cost For Profit? by Frieda Forselles
Managing a rental for spiritual profit has turned out to be a bargain

Beyond Abracadabra Managemant by Judith Winter
Communicating in the midst of uncertainty is helped by the right framework

Greeting Seeds by Scott Alyn
A small idea grows into a life-affirming process

Business Balance by Jeffrey LeVine
The right answer is, “It all depends!”


New Hope For The Workplace by Judith Wyatt
Remarkable progress is being made in techniques for improving organizational culture.

Whole Person Organizations
Can an organization both empower and coordinate its members?

Pythons & Paradoxes an interview with Robert Schwartz, by Leslie Ehle
Emerging Patterns by Robert Gilman
One Pioneer by Bill Gore

Innovation Models by John Scherer
Business leaders are being forced to learn new leadership skills we all could use.

Caring Managers by Larrimore Crockett
Does this seem like a contradiction in terms?

Mythic Transformation an interview with Harrison Owen, by Leslie Ehle
Sometimes the most important changes we need to make are in the stories we tell.

Spirituality In Business by James Ritscher
Actually practiced, it can increase fun, productivity, and resiliency.

Employee Rights by Grant Ingle
They measure the genuineness of innovation.

Enabling Employee Ownership an interview with Christopher Makin, by Robert Gilman
This option is gaining momentum, with the help of skilled consultants.

Revealing The Rainbow by Leslie Ehle
You don’t have to be a manager to make a difference.


Citizen Legislature by Ernest Callenbach & Michael Phillips

Paired Cities by Rita Sodt

Peace Child In Moscow by David Woollcombe