Table of Contents for IC#9

Strategies For Cultural Change

Originally published in Spring 1985
Copyright (c)1985, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


Stages Of Change by Robert Gilman
Examples from history and ideas from chemistry illustrate the process of cultural change.

The Hundredth Monkey Revisited by Elaine Myers
Going back to the original sources puts a new light on this popular story.

The Pressures Keep Growing by Lester Brown
The state of the world in 1985.

Community Development That Works by Dorothea Jewell
Lessons for local cultural change now being applied around the world.


What’s Needed by Robert Gilman
What we need to know and do to be effective cultural midwives.

Group Evolution by Bruce Dearborn
The normal stages in group development

Roles In Groups
The many forms of leadership and participation.

It’s Easier Than You Think by Ann Weiser
Some hints for facilitating meetings.

Building The Bridge To Peace by Rochelle Wallace
Guidelines for conflict resolution.

Open Space Meetings by Ann Weiser
A new form that encourages exploration and co-creation .

Facilitating Change by Robert Theobald
Practical steps for enabling fundamental positive change.


Watching The Global Brain by the U.V.Family
Using video tapes as a transforming tool.

Evoking Leadership an interview with Ardis Young, by Robert Gilman
An innovative program to develop community leadership.

Citizen Diplomacy by Tom Greening & Danaan Parry
Joys and pitfalls of building connections with the people of the USSR.

The Challenge Program an interview with John Abell , by Robert Gilman
A remarkable 4H program for teen-led community change.

Goddess Puppets For Peace by Portia Cornell & Wilderness Sarchild
Using life-sized puppets to dramatize our connection to the earth.

Political Savvy an interview with Marc Sullivan, by David Lee Myers
How to be an effective “David” in a world of “Goliaths.”

Transforming The Health Care System by Donna Bird
Experience with effective citizen input in a normally undemocratic part of society.

The Path Of Service by Alan Morinis
Thoughts on finding your way with balance and delight.

Peace Child by David Woollcombe
A life-changing musical by kids for everyone.