Table of Contents for IC#8

Living With The Land

Originally published in Winter 1984
Copyright (c)1985, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


The Idea Of Owning Land by Robert Gilman
An old notion forged by the sword is quietly undergoing a profound transformation.

Earthbridge by Lisa Berger
A Vermont land trust illustrates how it’s done. Plus How To Own Land, a poem by Susan Farley

Grow-Power For Land Trusts by Terry Mollner
Lessons from Mondragon and Gandhi could help land trusts buy up the continent.

Returning Home by Janina Lynne-Marie
Reconnecting with the spirit of nature puts a new light on an old place.

Stewardship Trusts by Timothy Clark
Intentional communities have developed land trusts that blend people and ecosystems.

Lessons For Stewards by Fred Marshall
A Waldorf school finds out the difference between stewarding and owning.

Beyond Ownership by Robert Gilman
Piecing together a new vision for land and economics.


Choosing Our Roots an interview with Thomas Berry, by Betty Didcoct
Traditional Christian attitudes offer both problems and promise for healing the earth.

EcoCities by Richard Register
Making cities sustainable is a crucial challenge.

Pebble Of Joy by Daphne Denny
An earthstory.

Sustainable Agriculture by David Katz
Basic guidelines for future farming.

Permaculture by Sego Jackson
Sophisticated ecological understanding blended with common sense design creates productive landscapes.

Sustaining The High Plains an interview with Chuck Schroeder, by Robert Gilman
A Nebraska state official looks at problems and prospects for agriculture.

Respectful Forestry by Robert Brothers
Forest ecosystems could serve us generously if we would work with them.

Re-Greening The Earth by David Wickenden
A small community in the tropics is showing how land can be revived.

Psychotronic Farming an interview with Peter Kelly, by Leslie Aickin
A controversial technique is having a growing impact in the farm community.