Table of Contents for IC#7


Power, process & new options

Originally published in Autumn 1984
Copyright (c)1984, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman

Power & Process

The Parable Of The Tribes by Andrew Schmookler
A new look at how the history of civilization may have been largely shaped by the raw struggle for power between societies.

Unitary & Adversary: The Two Forms of Democracy by Jane Mansbridge
Distinguishing between the democracy of friends based on equal respect and the democracy of citizens based on equal rights helps us use both better.

Holistic Governance by Anne and Hank Maiden
Applying communication skills developed through personal growth work helps improve governance at many levels. Plus Queries for a Working Transpersonal Group.

Consensus by Caroline Estes
A few ingredients enable this unity-building decisionmaking process to work in many settings. Plus A Second Point of View by Ianto Evans.

Leadership & Power In Intentional Communities by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson
These traditional issues get redefined in experimental communities.

Knees Loose, Glove Well Oiled by the U. V. Family
A small, close group sees flexibility and integrity as the basis for their governance

Lessons From WPPSS by Elaine and David Myers
A $2.25 billion fiasco illustrates the drawbacks to ‘business as usual’ approaches for major social decisions.

New Options

Governance In The Planetary Age by Catherine Burton
Insights from history, human development and ecology point to our possible next steps. Plus Elements of a Life Accounting System.

Teledemocracy an interview with Ted Becker, by Robert Gilman
Electronic communications may permit direct democracy on a larger scale.

NABC Report by David Heinke
The North American Bioregional Congress has completed its first session.

The Green Alternative by Charlene Spretnak
An ecologically based political movement is starting to emerge in America.

The Wisdom Of The Tribe by Robert Gilman
Lessons from old cultures may help us overcome the reign of raw power.

Followthrough and Letters

Roots & Wings by Danaan Parry
Insights from a trip to the USSR.

Break Dancing by Jessie Dye
A better game than war.

The LETsystem by Michael Linton
A local currency system that works.