Table of Contents for IC#4

The Foundations of Peace

Originally published in Autumn 1983
Copyright (c)1983, 1997 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


The Archetypal Roots Of War by Virgina Hoyte
Understanding the patterns in our minds may lead to an end to war

Structural Violence by Robert Gilman
Can we find genuine peace in a world with inequitable distribution of wealth among nations?

Colluding In War an interview with Alia Johnson by Cathy Burton
Exploring the ways that war is not an entirely male phenomenon

Real Security by Amory and Hunter Lovins
Exposing vulnerabilities in our energy system so that we might overcome them

Border Incident #1 by Vicki Robin
With the Rio Grande River between us

A Better Game Than War an interview with Robert Fuller
Understanding the origin of our “fear of the other,” may lead us to the elimination of war


A Patchwork Path Of Peace by Chris Roberts
Actions of a few can have the power to influence global events and circumstances

Mediation by Jessie Dye
Win-win alternatives for conflict resolution

Self-Defense by David Nerbovig
Opposition to injustice is a responsibility more than a right

Aikido In Action by Terry Dobson
Doing combat with the essence of love

Child Raising In Non-violent Cultures by Sarah McElroy
Creating a culture that chooses non-violence with intention

Birthing Peace by Janneli Vojta
Bringing peace to the world through a child

Border Incident #2 by Finger Prince

Being The Story by Keith Eisner
Explaining the possibility of nuclear war to our children

Trees Of Hope by Richard Houghton
Planting trees to heal the earth

Living At Ground Zero an interview with Shelley and Jim Douglass
Committed opposition to the Trident submarine: applied Ghandian non-violence

Studying Gandhi by Shelley Douglass
A brief introduction to Gandhi’s life and ideas

World Holiday by Richard Register
Imagining a truly global celebration

Servas by Diane Gilman
Building world peace, understanding and goodwill through intercultural exchanges

Sustainable Peace by Robert Gilman
Putting the pieces together