P.O. Box 87 . Clinton, Washington 98236


One outgrowth of the Planetary Village conference was the formation of an organizing group (composed of Catherine Burton, Bill Mollison, Linda Green, Carl Winge, and Robert Gilman) for the EarthBank Association aimed at developing new approaches to banking appropriate to a humane sustainable culture. The following excerpt from our first pamphlet indicates the directions we are exploring and how you participate.

YOU ARE INVITED to become a member of the EarthBank Association. EarthBank has been formed to assist in the creation of socially responsive banking and financial institutions.

The purpose of these institutions will be to make available capital within a region and loan it out to Association members for ecologically sound uses. Short term investment of excess funds and reserves will be done in a manner consistent with our commitment to Earth-Care and People-Care.

Our ethic is to support and promote:

  • the consciousness of a whole, living, interrelated, interdependent earth;
  • individual, community and regional self-reliance;
  • cooperative enterprises;
  • enterprises which support their communities basic needs.

Your membership will provide you with information on credit unions, finance companies, commercial and savings banks, community development funds, and socially-responsible investments based on the EarthBank ethic.

To become a lifetime member, send $5 (U.S. funds) with your name and address to EarthBank Association, P.O. Box 87, Clinton, WA 98236. For more information contact Carl Winge at that address or 206/321-1886.