Table of Contents for IC#3

Rediscovering The North American Vision

Roots and renewal

Originally published in Summer 1983
Copyright (c)1983, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


Continental Themes by Robert Gilman
Reconnecting with our roots

Chief Seattle: 1855
Some of our most influencial roots can be found in the original cultures of North America

200 Years Of Identity Crises by Robert Gilman
A cultural history of American moods and self-images in 8 big steps

SRl’s Values And Lifestyle Program
VALS — a look at the culture through people’s diverse attitudes, needs, wants, beliefs, and demographics

No Frames, No Boundaries by Russell Schweickart
Connecting with the whole planet – from space


From Those To Whom Much Is Given…
A perspective on our responsibility to history and to the planet

Unburdening America by David Spangler
Three visions of the North American story: progress and utopia, apocalypse, and planetary culture

The Synthesis Of 2 Visions by Robert Brothers
Renewal can come from a new perception of old strengths, especially when it allows a synthesis of old antagonists

Finding The Native Within by Adele Getty
Developing a “sense of place” must start in our own psyche and work outwards

A Sense Of Place by Elaine Myers
Living at the mouth of the River of Life

A Sense Of Wonder by Don Anderson
A shift of emphasis from the material to the spiritual helps to restore it

Governance by William Ellis
Cultural and spiritual revolution requires changes in social, economic and political systems – especially in the way government is conducted

The North American Bioregional Congress by David Haenke
To integrate human activities into the larger earth community we must recognize natural geographical divisions that already exist in the world around us

Let’s Put The Vision In Television! by Duane Elgin
Television has a vital role to play in helping us move towards a more humane and sustainable planet

The Vision & Its Agenda by Robert Gilman
How does the current North American vision contribute to the vision of a humane sustainable culture?

For America poetry by Liana Herbertson


Planetary Village Report by Mary Vogel

The Larger Context For Economics by Francois Duquesne
What is the economic process for? To free our spirit from demands of the physical world, so that we can unfold higher and more creative potentials

EarthBank Association

Achieving Financial Independence by Joe Dominguez
Possibilities to consider when looking for alternatives to the the “9 to 5 ’til you’re 65” model

Paradigm Park by Melissa Michelle
Three generations of one family create and maintain a special place in nature that they share with their community

Woodzen by Linda Bergeron
Following the seasons through the experience of a wooden bowl

Strategies & Resources by Robert Gilman
Moving from vision to action