Table of Contents for IC#2

Economics In An Intelligent Universe

Finding one's place; re-envisioning the system

Originally published in Spring 1983
Copyright (c)1983, 1996 by Context Institute

About This Issue
by Robert Gilman


It is at a personal level that all grand systems have both their start and their ultimate test, and it is with a series of personal accounts that we will begin this issue. Since the subject is economics, you might expect these to be either success stories or horror stories. Most of them are success stories of a sort, but what is really going on is subtler than just that. In each case, the behavior described violates some aspect or another of conventional economic wisdom. I hope this will serve as a refreshing re-introduction to the diversity of real human economic behavior. 

Economic Choices At A Personal Scale by Judith Dean
Making economic decisions does not require an understanding of economics

Blending Life And Work At The End Of The Road by Elaine Myers
Working for reasons other than money allows us to explore and experiment with other aspects of our lives

Shared Parenting/Shared Providing by June Cotner Myrwang
By intentionally choosing to work less, both parents can enjoy increased time with the children

Getting The Shoe On Both Feet by Steve Myrwang
A father’s story of the reality, including the joy, of willingly committing to an “uncommon” parenting arrangement

Friendly Exchange by Michael Seraphinoff
Changes in society generally proceed best from small independent groups at the bottom rather than manipulation from the top

Moving With ZooZoo’s by Robyn Braverman and Thelma Garza
Financing relocation of a popular community restaurant with innovation and local support

Tithing by Clem and Nancy Federowicz
The joy of sharing abundance with others

From Catastrophe To Benestrophe by Jonathan von Ranson
A downpour of love replaces a roof in a weekend

Bringing The Vision Down To Earth by Serious Israel
Building community on an economy of faith – faith in living for the good of the whole


From Dismal Science To Joyful Art by Robert Gilman
Reframing economics so that it better fits the full diversity of real economic life and can serve as a useful policy guide for building a humane sustainable culture

The Obsolescent Village Reborn by Belden Paulson
Villages of the world will be around long after the New Yorks – and may be one of the last lines of resistance in preserving our planet

Corporate Decentralization by Wayne Roberts
A report on signs of the revolution of consciousness in the corporate world

Mondragon: The Remarkable Achievement by Robert Gilman
Pioneering a significant social invention in the Basque region of northern Spain

The Economics Of Spirit by David Spangler
Spiritual economics as an exchange of energy to enhance the potential for creativity

The Importance Of Time by Robert Gilman
Conventional wisdom fails to understand that operating in a time-limited mode involves significantly different behavior and attitudes from operating in a goods-limited mode

Strategies & Resources by Robert Gilman
Moving from vision to action

Living And Working In A Traditional Community by Penny Jo Hubbard

Thirty Four Years Of Experience With Co-op Land Ownership by John H. Affolter

The Tree That Went Walking by Thelma Palmer