The Dynamic Planetary Context

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The video on this page combines live video with high-quality slide images from my keynote presentation for the International Communal Studies Association 2013 Conference. At its heart is the following:

“I’ve never been more encouraged about the future than I am today.”

If you would like to understand why someone who has been immersed in sustainability issues for over 30 years feels this way, I invite you to watch the video (best at full screen).

The full video is 95 minutes so you will want to find a good time to watch it. I’ve created a 3-minute trailer to give you a quick feel for the full program. (If the videos don’t appear after a few moments, please try reloading the page.)

If you prefer reading to watching, here is the text with illustrations. You can also get a quick overview from this PDF of the slides.

Three-minute trailer

Full video

The presentation was well received. Many participants cited it as the highlight of the conference in their end-of-conference feedback. Comments from participants included: “breathtaking”; “such an inspiring talk, thank you!”; “moved me to tears”; and from one of the videographers, “I found this one of the most inspiring 95 minutes I have yet experienced, to the point that I missed a couple of the directing cues while I was operating camera 2.”

This video is a major milestone in the emergence of the Foundation Stones project. It will give you my best current overview of What Time Is It? (Stone 1) and a glimpse of what we will get into with “Systems Literacy” (part of Stone 2: Tools for the Journey). Given its audience, it has an understandable special focus on intentional communities, yet most of the talk has a much wider application.

If the video prompts you with comments or questions, please let me know.

The story behind the video

The Findhorn Foundation has recently established a program, called Findhorn Live, for web-streaming video from their conferences, including the ICSA conference. The team includes:

  • Producer – Jacqueline Buckingham
  • Director – Keith Armstrong
  • Livestream – Iain Davidson & Alex Wright
  • Cameras – Eian Smith & Ianto Moore
  • Sound – Ian McIvor

The Findhorn Live team was kind enough to save the files from the two cameras and allow me to use them for this video. I also had a separate mic and recorder for my audio, so the video you see here is a combination of:

  • video from the two cameras whose work was prioritized for the live stream
  • the audio recorded on those cameras
  • the audio from my mic
  • the original slides with their transitions and builds.

Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Robert Gilman, July 24, 2013 (with revisions through Aug 5, 2013)

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