Our Common Ground

(This is a framework of shared principles and perspectives for the Context Institute community. If you have suggestions for improving it, please send us a comment.)

  • We believe in the value of ongoing learning so we hold this framework as a set of working hypotheses, subject to revision as we learn more.
  • We believe that positive cultural change can be brought about by intentional action. Nevertheless, good intentions are not sufficient and success is more likely with appropriate skills and knowledge.
  • We understand our place in history to be a time of great cultural change and use the Empire-to-Planetary transition, as described in What Time Is It?, as an overall framework for understanding our times.
  • In this frame, we generally see cultural change that increases sustainability, consensual collaboration, connectivity and appreciation of diversity as positive. We also value increases in people’s internal health/harmony/wholeness, both physically and psychologically.
  • We assess cultural change by the degree to which it better manifests the potential of the Planetary Era; helps the transition to the Planetary Era be more graceful, even joyous; and reduces long-term damage and suffering.
  • We understand that cultures change primarily by addition – through cultural innovations. While we recognize the value of resisting old cultural patterns that don’t fit in the Planetary Era, we see a greater need and opportunity in building the new patterns. Thus we focus on innovate – implement – educate, as described in What Time Is It?.
  • Using this overall framework, we participate in this work to help ourselves and others become more effective in assisting the full emergence of the Planetary Era.
  • We recognize that, to be effective, this work benefits from mutual support. That’s why we created the Bright Future Network. To find our more about how you can join the network through the Bright Future Now course, please look at Journey Deeper into the Planetary Era.