Be An Early Angel

If you would like to see CI’s long-term strategy become a reality and the transition to the Planetary Era evolve from struggle and suffering toward more grace and joy, we need your help. The best way to help now is to engage with this work. You begin that engagement every time you read CI News, watch a video on the website, spread the word though your own networks or email me with feedback.

An even deeper way to engage is to back this work financially. Your donation to this nonprofit project, of whatever amount, fills a real practical need and is an important contribution for our shared thriving future.

When you make the choice to support, you become an early Angel. In the nonprofit world, an Angel is someone who “gets” why a particular project is important and is willing to back it. While it’s sometimes used only about those who can write large checks, to me the choice to back a project is as important as the amount. Often people find that making the choice to engage and support has wonderful reverberations as it brings in a fresh sense of clarity, energy and connection.

Early Angels “get it” in the early days of a project when everything is just more precarious. They have a special courage to follow their own knowing. They are also dearly loved because it is through their help that real innovations can emerge from the nonprofit world.

We need to raise $4000 to keep us moving forward through the summer. We need our early Angels of all sizes to stand with us. If you support CI’s efforts to help us all midwife the Planetary Era into being, we need you to turn that good will into action. Please donate what you can, feel our gratitude and sense the future brightening.

With appreciation,
Robert Gilman
4 June 2014