Embracing the 3 Harmonies video

Discover how embodying the harmony within, with others and with nature provides a practical, powerful fast-track to a brighter future – for you and the world.

This is the presentation I did in the workshop on May 31. It explores what you need in a time of upheaval and how the vision and practice of embodying the 3 harmonies can be such a great help.

People are describing it as:

  • “so helpful, particularly at this time”
  • “great content!!! it brings many concepts together in a very easy to understand format”
  • “really love the way you have evolved the concept of the three harmonies by adding another dimension to it and also providing the anthesis, the 3 dominations”

In addition to powerful, practical concepts, it includes exercise for moving from anxiety to agency, for celebrating all that you are already doing for a brighter future and for listening to your future-self as you take your next steps.

Accelerate your ability to embody the 3 harmonies

The world needs your gifts now more than ever. Bright Future Now was built for these profoundly transformational times to help you activate and amplify the mindsets, skillsets and community you need to fully manifest your gifts – all in the context of the 3 harmonies. 

“On the surface it’s a course on complex systems
and how they work in human life, culture and business.
At a deeper level it’s an immersion into how real change is really activated.”

If this speaks to you, I invite you to join us in the Jul/Aug Bright Future Now course. 

The Jul/Aug cohort is already 2/3 full. Saturday, June 20, is the last day for registration. The course runs Jul 11 to Aug 30 but we do important pre-course onboarding so it’s good to register as early as possible. If you’d like to join us, this is the time to act – learn more or register here. Payment plans and financial aid are available.