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The Bright Future Network is coming alive with member-generated programs. In the last CI News, I mentioned Mitra Martin’s work creating the Education common interest group. Today, I’d like to introduce Joris Blankers and the program he’s coordinating:

The Greenhouse

Do you have a project you’d like help developing? Do you have experience and expertise you’d like to put to really effective use building the Planetary Era? Either way, the Greenhouse may be just what you’re looking for.

The Bright Future Network has the goal of enabling its members to be remarkably successful cultural-change agents. We translate that into practice 1) through the Bright Future Now course and 2) now through our new Greenhouse Program, which builds on the common ground of the course to provide an ongoing support system for member’s projects.

You can think of the Greenhouse Program as a business incubator but with a Planetary Era orientation. It’s intended to provide holistic, proactive support to Bright Future Network members for projects, entrepreneurship and organizational development, propelling their personal and professional growth to enable the success of their projects.

In parallel, it will advance the state-of-the-art for project and organizational development in the Planetary Era, learning from others around the world and sharing its learnings. We are able to combine 1) conventional but still valuable project management skills, 2) more leading edge skills out of the start-up world and 3) unique skills and perspectives from Bright Future Now. The result has a wholeness that allows us to support the organic growth of new projects that serve all of life.

There is already a lot of excitement from people with projects and people with expertise as we create a community of practice in the Greenhouse.

So bring your projects and/or your expertise and join us in the Greenhouse! First step: join the Network by taking Bright Future Now (see below).

Meet the network: Joris Blankers

Joris is the focalizer (coordinator) for the Greenhouse Program. He’s an entrepreneur and consultant to start-ups, living in the Netherlands with his young family. In his life, he’s been all over the political/philosophical map: from globalist to techno-utopian, from doomer to humanist and back again. He likes Bright Future Now’s grounded, practical optimism and looks forward to working with others to develop Planetary Era organizations and projects. As you read this, Joris will be co-leading a program on new leadership and entrepreneurship at Schumacher College.

Register now for July/August Bright Future Now

The 7-week online Bright Future Now course provides the common ground that enables the Network to thrive. You collaborate with 20 or so fellow change-makers and future-thinkers from around the world, supported by regular work in a triad and personalized coaching with a graduate. You learn practical tools for helping to usher in the Planetary Era and have guided practice integrating the tools into a real world project of your own design. Graduates say that by the end of the course they feel ready for anything – and more at ease within themselves.

The next course runs from July 7 to August 26. Registration is $400 and closes on June 23. Payment plans and financial aid are available.

In this time of great potential, may you and your projects thrive while building the Planetary Era.

With appreciation,
Robert Gilman
June 6, 2018

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